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Anyone in Camden town, London?

I’m new here and don’t know anybody here. I hope to find other little monsters here to chill out and watch ASIB together
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Who knows were to find the Joanne hat !!!!!

I want to buy one for myself but I can’t find it 😡😡😡
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I miss Coachella

I really miss Coachella.. She needs to do it again
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Actually I don't understand this freckin app >:c

I search 'hello Kitty' and there's nothing uh
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Lady Gaga

I like lady Gaga she is cool I can’t wait to see her movie
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My new project is coming soon
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New Album Edit!!!!!

Do you like this Edit?
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10 Years of Gaga

Hey, everyone! My name is Adam James. I am a writer and artist. I was asked by Gaga Daily to write a piece that reflected on Gaga’s ten year career! I...
10 Years of Gaga
10 Years of Gaga Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Lady Gaga's career. @gagadaily
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Anyone going to Las Vegas to see her?

Hope so
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OMG, new pics of Lady Gaga in instagram. ❤️❤️
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I’m New Here!

Hi I’m new here!!!! My name is Caleb, I’m Gay, and will never stop loving Lady Gaga!!!!!
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Lady Gaga live in Vegas 😍😍

Yasss Gaga❤️❤️. I love u so much.
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xoxo, Joanne.
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Lady Gaga this is for You!😙💋🌹☄❤

| Art by me, by pen🖊 and pencil.✏ Lady Gaga I hope so much, you will like it.😚💝 Love You So much, my Mother Monster!💞
#ladygaga #ladygagaart #gaga ...
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Unreleased soundtracks

Gaga has a lot of unreleased soundtracks that haven’t been released yet, what are some of you fav unreleased soundtracks at the moment that aren’t rel...
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Lady Gaga thank you so much for everything that you makes for us!!!💞❤

| Oh my God, @ladygaga 's voice it's a paradise🌈. My breath is stopping when I to listening it . She is an angel😇 @ladygaga I L💝ve you so...
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Artpop act.2

Do you think Gaga will release Artpop act.2, I think she will. What are 5 songs that you think will be on it! Mine are TEA,sire,Brooklyn nights, Statc...
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Lady Gaga this is for You 😚💓❤💗🌹

| Hello everyone!😀 At last, I have a few time to do my love work💞💝. What do you think?🙄 Is that great? I was drew by black #pen and a little by #p...
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Favourite unreleased Gaga songs?

I think a lot of songs that are "unreleased" by Gaga herself are definitely album worthy. My Top 5 favourite unreleased Gaga songs at the mo...
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