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A list of events which occurred on the 10th of March.

< Glue gunnin' > Transmission Gagavision released.
"Just finished rehearsal. 4 am call for the view. 2 days till fameball. Vomitorium." 10:57 PM via web
"Turn on the view...about to give america the flu" 8:32 AM via web
"On my way to the final fameball rehearsal. 18hrs and counting. We've built the rocketships. Now its time to leave the earth. Xoxo" 11:40 AM via web
"Its a town full of losers, and I'm pulling out of here to win" 9:12 PM via web
Lady Gaga performed at the Jerome Schottenstein Center in Colombus, Ohio, for The Monster Ball Tour.
"The point, with "Born This Way," is to fight for something that not everyone believes in. To overcome adversity with a message." 12:46 AM via web
"BTW's 4th week at #1 on BILLBOARD + World Charts is both a musical+cultural triumph. Monsters it's official. You're Punk Art Pop Revolution." 12:58 AM via web
"Sherry Vine you are Divine. Never a Drag, always a Queen. NYC is Born This Way!" 9:49 PM via Tweet Button

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