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A list of events which occurred on the 10th of May.

"JUDAS choreography by two sexy boys! Swoon! This is why I love my fans, you don't skip a beat:" 8:50 AM via web
"In the glass of a Parisienne boudoir getting ready for BornThisWayMadness. Don't forget THE EDGE OF GLORY is out here:" 9:15 AM via web
"I have video feed in my dressing room of audience. Watching Tokyo lil monsters run for their lives into the pit! It's so freakin cute!" 1:29 AM via Twitter for iPad
"All I see is hair bows, wigs, glitter, + discosticks flying across the screen. Haus + I are making sound effects..*wait for me guyzzzz* !!!" 1:32 AM via Twitter for iPad
"I think also just witnessed a small meltdown at one of the merch stands. Yes. #monsterproblems" 1:33 AM via Twitter for iPad
5-10-12 Terry Richardson 002
"Yes Tokyo! Tonight was the first BTWBall that I didn't puke during show. (yes its that hard) xoxoxxxo Love, gaga+terry" 9:52 AM via Twitter for iPad
"Tonight was happiness, joy, gratitude. I'm the lucky one Japan. You are so special." 9:58 AM via Twitter for iPad
"Oh my goodness, I just saw this photo of the arena last night! All of those lil monsters! We've come so far..." 3:49 PM via Twitter for iPad

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