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A list of events which occurred on the 12th of June.

"Love my whiskey hangover+angry texts from my best friend who barely remembers her bday. DONT PUT ME IN CHARGE IF U DONT WANT IT DONE RIGHT" 10:45 AM via web
6-12-12 01
"With my older brother. He says some stupid shit sometimes, but its only cuz he loves me." 1:29 AM via Twitpic
6-12-12 02
"Busy tonight, doing what i love the most." 1:33 AM via Twitpic
"#" 2:42 AM via web
"@TaraSavelo honestly whats wrong with you" 6:08 AM via web
"@TaraSavelo ah yes but had i been wearing that i may be in emotional pain from fashion faux pas. that unicorn isn't even life-like #getaclue" 7:11 AM via web
"So Tara I Could Die. #ReplaceASongWithTara" 7:27 AM via web
"@TaraSavelo That looks like us. Except that tube top is a no-no" 7:29 AM via web
"@TaraSavelo AND UNICORNS are REAL. Those are PEOPLE with MASKS. #ThatsTheTruthTea" 7:33 AM via web
"I'm on #TheEdgeofTara" 7:34 AM via web
"@TaraSavelo that is unfortunate" 7:41 AM via web
"@TaraSavelo i just look ready for an annoying birthday party" 7:52 AM via web
"@TaraSavelo and its JU--DAHS JU-DA-AH-AHS. With an S." 8:01 AM via web
"I'M SO EXCITED FOR TONIGHT'S show in BRISBANE! I've missed Aussie Monsters so much, gonna be a killer night. Ready to sweat+sing for 2 hrs?" 10:16 PM via web
"Has anyone seen @realalicecooper cover "BORN THIS WAY" during his show?…" 10:21 PM via web
"@realAliceCooper I am not worthy, Sire. The way he changed the words to be about him was so rad. I want to hang out with #FRANKENGAGA" 10:23 PM via web

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