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A list of events which occurred on the 13th of November.

"Calling all little monsters: submit your own film creations to in theme of the “apocalypse”" 5:56 PM via web
"The winning artist’s work will feature in MONSTERBALL which I'm proud to announce is a full collaboration with the incredible Nick Knight.xx" 5:58 PM via web
"26 postures to freedom. Possible yoga junkie, is there such thing as Bikram rehab?" 2:21 PM via web
"So excited to perform Marry The Night on X Factor UK tonight! Will sing my head off for England!!" 8:05 AM via Mobile Web
"@ladygaga wow wow wow what bout the resk of the UK??? Scotland loves Gaga xx" 8:12 AM via Twitter for iPhone</small>
"For everyone in the UK! I especially liked your twitter name cuz my daddy calls me "loopy," since I was a baby." 8:16 AM via Mobile Web
"In the meantime please watch my performance of Marry The Night @ the Bambi Awards:…" 8:24 AM via Mobile Web
"Almost time X-FACTOR! Also get ready monsters cuz #MarryTheNight officially impacts radio next week! Thanku to stations that added it early!" 10:57 AM via web
"Go get it RT @kittybrucknell @ladygaga thank you for being such an inspiration to me and for giving me the strength to believe in myself" 10:24 PM via web
"Been up all night editing my first TWO films as director! Marry The Night Video + "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving" the 2nd airing on thanksgiving!" 10:27 PM via web
"I performed Marry The Night last night on X Factor. So fun! Please Watch here: ThankYou UK Monsters for all your love!" 10:35 PM via web

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