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A list of events which occurred on the 15th of November.

"Been watching all of your video submissions, you are some very talented little monsters, I love you!" 7:35 PM via web
"I have a surprise for little monsters!" 6:36 AM via web
"Because you have all been SO supportive of MARRY THE NIGHT and all my performances, I've decided to release an early treat" 7:10 AM via web
"The 17th, after my UK performance on Children In Need, I'll tweet the opening of my new video. "MARRY THE NIGHT: THE PRELUDE PATHÉTIQUE."" 7:24 AM via web
"…!" 8:10 PM via web
"Beethoven's RT @MonsterDano RT @ladygaga Is the 'Prelude Pathqetique' inspired by Tchaikovsky's Pathetique Symphony?" 8:27 PM via web
"Obviously. Can the ring be a paw? @FoolishHooker RT @ladygaga I'm gonna change my name to "Night", then you'll marry me, right? :D" 8:31 PM via web
"#DrunkyGaga in my hotel room with wine in a gown dancing to Born This Way. #Don'tJudgeMe" 8:39 PM via web
"REVISION: #DrunkyGaga ALONE in hotel room with wine in gown dancing to Born This Way #DontJudgeMe" 8:47 PM via web
"Less than 48 hrs till I release "MARRY THE NIGHT: THE PRELUDE PATHÉTIQUE."" 8:59 PM via web
"Go lil monsters! Youre the best! RT @manayeralhendi MARRY THE NIGHT IS NUMBER ONE. @ladygaga FOR THE 8TH TIME ON JoJo @1027KIISFM" 9:58 PM via Mobile Web

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