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A list of events which occurred on the 17th of July.

"At the risk of drawing attention to a hateful organization, I would like to make my little monster fan aware of a protest being held outside" 2:02 PM via OpenBeak
"the Monsterball in St.Louis tonight. Although we have had protesters before, as well as fundamentalists at the show" 2:03 PM via OpenBeak
"this group of protesters are hate criminals and preach using lude and violent language and imagery that I wish I protect you all from." 2:04 PM via OpenBeak
"Their message is of hatred and divisiveness, but inside at the Monsterball we preach love and unity." 2:04 PM via OpenBeak
"My request to all little monsters and public authority is to pay these hate criminals no mind. Do not interact with them, or try to fight" 2:05 PM via OpenBeak
"Do not respond to any of their provocation. Don't waste your words, or feelings, no matter what you hear or see" 2:06 PM via OpenBeak
"you are more fortunate and blessed than they are, and in your heart just pray for them. Although I respect and do not judge anyone" 2:07 PM via OpenBeak
"for their personal views on any politics or religion, this group in particular to me, is violent and dangerous" 2:08 PM via OpenBeak
"I wanted to make my fans aware of my views on how to approach, or rather not approach, these kinds of hate activists." 2:09 PM via OpenBeak
"Be inspired to ignore their ignorant message, and feel gratitude in your heart that you are not burdened or addicted to hate, as they are. X" 2:09 PM via OpenBeak
"@GreysonChance my little monster sweetheart+his new single UNFRIEND YOU is out This video warms my heart, what a stud!x" 9:00 AM via web
" - Off to rehearsal for a surprise performance and video. :) love you monsters. Fight for your life." 10:01 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"LOL. That's gonna be..interesting..RT @jeff1317 Howard Stern is back tomorrow and @ladygaga is a guest! Should make for great radio!" 2:36 PM via Twitter for iPad
"I'm live with @howardstern 2moro morning on Sirius XM. Big fan. Gonna sing my face off, and talk shit w the raddest Hair in radio. 8am EDT" 3:50 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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