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A list of events which occurred on the 17th of May.

"This album is for Ü Little Monsters, and don't you ever forget it. YOÜ and I are for life. Go here to get new songs:!" 12:27 PM via web
"@inbedwithgaga I'm a Government Hooker. I love you really + your hair is magic. I dyed mine with two black strips last night. MonsterTwins." 1:05 PM May via web
"@JillianKills I just read it. You're kick ass beautiful, don't beat yourself up. Let your identity be your religion, my religion is you. X" 1:20 PM via web
"@inbedwithgaga yes I remember u right at the end of the runway. I noticed u dancing your panties off during lovegame. Daphne would love you." 1:25 PM via web
"@ChrissChad so why is it your friends don't believe you've had my phone number for a year and never given it out. We text :) LoyalMonster." 1:33 PM via web
"@BrookeB15 + @MarcMonster are a great example of how music+ popculture can bring togetherness. They're best friends + met at Monsterball!" 1:46 PM via web
"@doitbackwards love your tattoo. Inking a Monster paw on myself sometime this week." 2:03 PM via web
"@badnewsbecca is gonna tattoo my monsterpaw. LittleArtistMonsters wanna send sketches? Sexypaw with long rednails and fingerless lace glove!" 2:06 PM via web
"@alliemonster_ go to sleep little peanut!" 2:09 PM via web
"K, Judas + I going out for a drink. 6 Days Till Born This Way! Electric Chapel on Farmville 2moro! ITunesCountdown NOW:" 2:19 PM via web
"Me and the first fan to arrive at Taiwan BTW Ball. He waited 7 days switching off w friends so he could go to school." 7:50 AM via Twitter for iPad
5-17-12 02
"Tour merch is weird. @brandonvance" 9:52 AM via Twitter for iPad

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