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A list of events which occurred on the 18th of June.

"i just kicked my ass in the gym, time to wash it down with an ice cold NY beer" 10:35 AM via web
"#11MillionMonsters. You always cheer me up. #TwitterQueenLovesSubway. Turkey and Swiss w Jalapenos on Whole Wheat Salt n' Peppa Oil Vinegar." 9:26 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"Let's start a TwitterTalk. What are everyone's opinions on the Legalization of Gay Marriage in NY and America? How does it effect equality?" 9:38 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"I feel the denial of gay marriage sends a prejudice message. Our youth deserve a fair+hopeful future with government that values us equally." 10:02 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"Let's trend #PawsUpForMarriageEquality" 10:31 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"so sweet thanku! RT @AAA_NotAutoClub: saw TEOG video Its what I call UNDERSTATED BRILLIANCE not what any1 would've expected love u @ladygaga" 2:48 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"Getting ready to perform on the MuchMusic Awards tomorrow. Thank you to amazing Canadian monsters for cheering us on today in rehearsal!" 2:52 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"I am SO EXCITED to be bringing THE BORN THIS WAY BALL to South Africa. Stadium shows! Its a dream come true, you'll have to show me around!" 4:05 AM via web
"And I had a lovely time in Sydney today. I went to Luna Park, rode the mouse-coaster & had a nice lunch by the water. Very romantic city!" 4:09 AM via web

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