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A list of events which occurred on the 18th of May.

"I am a bitch." 9:10 PM from OpenBeak
"5†23†11 Absolute Fantasy Dream Come True. My Subway Unicorn! New York City, We were Born This Way." 4:39 PM via Twitpic
5-18-11 02
" - Running to interviews but just heard The Edge of Glory entered #3 on Billboard Hot100. Thankusomuch!" 5:05 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"@gagaamour you are so adorable and sweet, your tweets made me smile as I lay me down to sleep" 10:48 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"@luciobee I saw your paw tattoo design for me! Beautiful+Monstrous! Have received so many good ones. I may combine a few, hybrid paws!" 10:55 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"@gagaforgaga2010 you sound like you're on the right track baby. But you can cry AND dance. Fever dries tears." 10:59 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"@HausofMusicChic I have three eyes remember? :P" 11:12 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"I'm going sleepies now. Brooklyn Moon shining above. Have rehearsal 2moro for Saturday Night Live. May even have a dreamy co-star. Guesses?" 11:20 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"We've decided The BTWBALL, in spirit, is like a cosmic implosion of the future and the eighties at once. #TheFrieghties" 9:20 AM via Twitter for iPad

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