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On the 6th, Gaga started to use Twitter for the very first time. The following day, Gaga began her first promotional world tour with two performances that month. On the 31th, Melina Matsoukas directed the music video for "Just Dance" in a rented house located in Los Angeles.

Us March ???Edit

Us March ???Edit

Out in MiamiEdit

  1. Sunglasses by Dior.

Us March ???Edit

CW InterviewEdit

Us March 26Edit


Lady Gaga started to use Twitter.

"op rehearsing for my video just dance and am now at WMC to perform at the Armani and nervous records party. But I am no nervous record! " 10:56 PM via txt
"Hello my filthy , fabulous, dirty rich, fame lovers. I'm in Miami right now, just had a crazy week/ day preparing for winter music conference" 10:56 PM via txt
"Xx " 10:56 PM via txt
"me "Hello, my little fishy" in his accent..I could cry disco mirrors. Yes and I am as shiny and ready as ever. Look out south beach. On ... " 10:56 PM via txt
"sequin catsuit thats been painted to my tired little bod, post tommy boy party, where I met the incredible DJ Bob Sinclar "World! Hold On" " 10:56 PM via txt

Gaga attended Tommy Boy Party at Hotel Victor on the first day of the 2008 Winter Music Conference.

Us March 27Edit

Winter Music ConferenceEdit

Main article: 2008 Winter Music Conference, Raleigh Penthouse Portraits, Julio Kamara

Gaga was invited to the 2008 Winter Music Conference by Armani Exchange who asked her to performance at their private party called the "A|X VIP Lounge". During the day she did an interview with which was followed by her rehearsal. For her performance, Gaga wore the same top as the photo shoot with Warwick Saint. She was joined onstage with DJ VH1 and two dancers. After the show, she gave an interview to Louie La Vella.

Gaga was also spotted at the Winter Music Conference wearing a blue top and sequined gold panties.

  1. Sunglasses by Armani Exchange
  2. Sunglasses by Armani Exchange, ruffle shirt by Unknown, disco panties by Haus of Gaga
  3. Blue top, sequined panties

Future AnthemsEdit

Main article: Score Nightclub, Driven By Boredom

Later that day, Gaga performed at Score with the same team. After the show past midnight, Gaga received a cake for her birthday.

  1. Disco tie, disco panties by Haus of Gaga

Us March 28Edit

This was Lady Gaga's 22th birthday.
"right..gaga turned a mirrored panty humping a miami gogo dancer at 2 am to the beat of my first single "Just Dance" best birthday" 4:14 AM from txt
"What an incredible day! Armani exchange party, I love you! Thank you so much for ur fabulous-esses and support of the fame. I met Sirius..." 4:14 AM from txt
"rds performance I had a blast (amazing gay club..they dont eat but they love cake!) and thank u to my interscope team for my disco ball" 4:14 AM from txt
"Xx peace love disco and u Miami, are a sunny, glamorous, mess of winter music madness. Gaga 4:14 AM from txt

The Launch of MAC Heatherette CollectionEdit

Gaga attended the laucnh of the Heatherette collection with MAC Cosmetics. Heatherette was a designer brand by Richie Rich & Traver Rains who designed ready-to-wear collection with Spring 2008 being their last. The event was held at the Kiss & Fly in New York City.

  1. Sunglasses by Dior, bodysuit by Haus of Gaga

Us March 29Edit

At High Voltage Tattoo Studio in LA (LA Ink)Edit

Gaga was tattoed by tattoo artist and businesswoman, Katy von D.

Us March 31Edit

"Just Dance"Edit

Main articles: Just Dance, Ari Michelson

They shot the music video in Los Angeles in a rented house with director Melina Matsoukas.

  1. Sunglasses by Versace
  2. Disco Bra by Lady Gaga for Haus of Gaga, shoes by Burberry Prorsum

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