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Us August 1Edit


Main article: Little Monsters (website)

In the morning, Gaga talked with her fans and again during the day.

[Morning log, chat room name: unknown]
[Gaga] "We worked hard on everything for the fragrance"
[Gaga] "doing a lot of big things before next year involving perfume and stuff so you guys will have a lots of fun w[ith] that!"

[Gaga] "new single..I dunno yet"
[Gaga] "I just want to give myself time with it"
[Gaga] "making it really great"

[Gaga] "i AM NOT FAKE!"
[Gaga] "LORD"
[Gaga] "you'd think that the whole site being dedicated to us would prove it!!"
[Gaga] "haha"
[Gaga] "see how my chat pops up on the right?"

[Gaga] "I don't mind about the vmas, they shower me with love every year"
[Gaga] "and i can't go away, why spoil the fun for everyone else and their fans?"
[Gaga] "but NEXT YEAR"

[Context unknown]

[Gaga] "i look at the fan art ALL DAY"

[Gaga] "who knows!"

[Gaga] "what a cutie"

[Gaga] "just looked sergio!! it[']s beautiful"

yes ireland soon
its morning here, stiil in bed
favorite song? that is hard
imagine i think john lennon
oh!!! ashley you just saw the btw ball!
there will be a film of tour eventually
i need a coffee or somethinga
are the olympics on now?
was posting o ntwitter
i follow all of you by hand
but you know how i never hit it straight down the middle, those still concepts that run through the record
beautiful rick genest interpretation
theres some much more affordable place on westside
selena and demi?
the real ones!?
i love her
machete wili be great
its looks like its her!
ojk back

oh i was just tellig twitter selena gomoz is on twittert
on the future when you type troliga the trollga icon will come up
was writing to the boy who said he was gay and his best friends grandma is separating them
and you can get a cheaper or more expensive
te he he he
im sleepy ok going back to sleep with tbear
"love you bye!!"

[Day log]

[Gaga] “I REALLY love my new fragrance”
“it’s not a celebrity perfume for me, it’s a luxury fragrance”
"i really love you too"

“I just want to keep writing for a while”

"there will be new songs”
“well the next album EXISTS”

"and equal"

“hope the new one will change your life”
“and next year I’m snatchin’ weaves”
“it’s just less serious"
"I’m in a less serious mood”

"don't be sorry!"

"the vmas will be great"
"im ok with it"

"vogue cover yes!"

“yes, Fame sold everywhere”

"Taylors not here"

"thanks u"
im so happy!@"
“born this way was a more serious message”
"lvoe u"
"i will pray for u!"

Us August 2Edit


Main article: Monstervision

In this Monstervision, Gaga and Tara expressed their love for all the outfit sketch submission, and that they are choosing the sketches that Gaga will wear. Gaga said she would wear one of the outfits at the first FAME perfume launch.

Us August 3Edit

Recording StudioEdit

Lady Gaga went to a recording studio in Chicago where she recorded songs for the new album.


Lady Gaga posted a pic on that said "New ink. New album" with the word "ArtPop" tattoed on her arm.

[Morning Log]
[About "ARTPOP"]
[Gaga] "the name was inspired by the ki[n]d of music I've been creating and the genre we've built"

[Fan] "Gaga so excited for artpop!"
[Gaga] "yay! me too!"
[Gaga] "very graphic"

[Gaga] "i dont wanna to let you down :("

[Gaga] "want to turn warhol [Andy Warhol] inside out"

[Fan] Gaga is the ARTPOP a single or album? x
[Gaga] no its not the single

Elvis Duran's Z100Edit

Gaga called to wishes Elvis an happy birthday and recalled what happened in the fast few days.

Out in ChicagoEdit

Lady Gaga was spotted out in Chicago at night.

Us August 4Edit


Main article: Little Monsters (website)

Lady Gaga posted a picture on of her and Taylor Kinney in a pool. She also took time to talk with fans on a chatroom.

[Log, chatroom name: hey its gaga]
[Fan] "When are we getting the Us tour dates? your dad told us that we would get them next month?"
[Fan] "Leather or Denim gaga? for MY monsterball Ensemble? :D
[Gaga] "september i hope"
[Gaga] "leather"
[Fan] "is the BTWBall in the US gonna be stadiums or arenas?
[Gaga] "both arenas and stadiums"
[Fan] "oh gosh. boo lol"
[Gaga] ":)"
[Fan] "Baby you need to come to Mexico... We need you here!!!!!"
[Gaga] "yeah always"
[Fan] "Will you be making any changes to the BTW Ball by the time it gets to Europe? Like you did with the Monster Ball"
[Gaga] "a couple"
[Gaga] "not many"

[Gaga] “you want so much info so soon!”
[Gaga] “but my head is faster than my hands”
[Gaga] “well pop art was a movement in the 70′s”
[Gaga] “that is still alive now”
[Gaga] “artpop is the music I’ve been making since The Fame”
[Gaga] “but the irony of the words being similar is on purpose”
[Gaga] “ARTPOP could mean anything”

[Fan] "Gaga are you tired of people asking you about Out of Control?"
[Gaga] "no!"
[Gaga] "out of control is cool but, old"

[Gaga] "yes i can't wait for btw ball"
[Gaga] "taylor is on NEW TV SHOW"
[Gaga] "called "CHICAGO FIRE"
[Gaga] "ITS ON NBC"
[Gaga] "they've been advertising during the olympics"
[Gaga] "are u kidding I'm his biggest fans!"

[Gaga] "our one year anniversary is coming up"
[Gaga] "i think!! unless he planned something?"
[Gaga] "he keeps telling me to go shower right now"

[Gaga] "me and taylor have our 1 yr [year] anniversary coming up!"
[Gaga] "i think its like this week"
[Gaga] "i like sharing is w[ith] [yo]u guys, cuz [because] it makes us closer"
[Fan] "aweeeee so happy for you"
[Gaga] "thank u"
[Gaga] "i'm really happy"
[Gaga] "should i put on a mermaid tail and splash in the tub"
[Fan] "are you in love?"
[Gaga] "yes duh I'm in love"
[Gaga] "Duh"
[Gaga] "ok taylor wants to take me on a date!"
[Gaga] "i gotta go shower"


Main article: Monstervision

Lady Gaga posted the third Monstervision episode on She shared some old videos that hadn't been seen before. One of her danCing to Scheiβe on Christmas with her mother, and another of the VMA You and I rehearsal.

Us August 5Edit


Main article: Little Monsters (website)

In the morning, Gaga joined "Gaga's chat".

[Morning log, chat name: Gaga's chat]

[Gaga] "its obsession with electronic music"
[Gaga] "yes ARTPOP is an obsession"
[Gaga] "i will explain more in september"
[Gaga] "ARTPOP is an approach"
[Gaga] "i am the subject of art pop"

[Gaga] "our date was great!!"
[Gaga] "we snuck out without security"

[Gaga] "music became so hateful this year"
[Gaga] "it was like"
[Gaga] "its just silly"

[Gaga] "creativity is a bottomless ocean of happiness"
[Gaga] "it's shallow"
[Gaga] "we don't need to be hateful to anyone, you all believe in my talent, there[']s nothing to defend"

[Gaga] "i think every fan base has bad see[d]s"

[Gaga] "its so busyin here"
[Gaga] "i saw redone YES STOP SPAMMING"

[Gaga] "sorrty [sorry] i have a lot of work ot do"
[Gaga] "i[']ll be back later"

Us August 7Edit

Shopping in New York CityEdit

Gaga was spotted leaving Bergdorf Goodman Store in Manhattan, and arriving at Giorgio Armani Store to buy the pink coat she would later wear.

At Giorgio Armani StoreEdit

Lady Gaga went shopping at the Giorgio Armani store in New York City.

  1. Pink coat, hat, and clutch by Giorgio Armani

Leaving Giorgio Armani StoreEdit

Lady Gaga was seen leaving the Giorgio Armani store.

  1. Pink coat and clutch by Giorgio Armani, sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith, shoes by Brian Atwood

Vera Wang Bridal House BoutiqueEdit

Us August 8Edit

Arriving at a Store in NYCEdit


Main article: Little Monsters

In the morning, she joined the chat. Lady Gaga posted a pic on of her trying on her friend's wedding dress. Lady Gaga revealed the cover of her Vogue September Magazine at 11pm EST.

[Gaga] "morning everybody"
[Gaga] "how are u?"

[Gaga] "im good"

[Gaga] "your sad?"
[Gaga] "just know that they're together in heaven"
[Gaga] "having angel cat food and angel cheeseburgers"

[Gaga] "my best friend for 7 years sued me"

[Gaga] "positivity"

[Gaga] "you guys know the kinda person i am"

[Gaga] "there are more latin american date"

[Gaga] "no!!!!"

[Gaga] "interscope?"
[Gaga] "they would be very upset!"
[Gaga] "we sell a lot of records!"

[Gaga] "i saw the cover its FAB"

[Gaga] "sorry I'm trying to get vogue cover"

Us August 9Edit


Main article: Little Monsters

[Gaga] "I'm getting ready for tour"
[Gaga] "but new props"
[Gaga] "can't add more songs, ill die on stage"
[Gaga] "i think the queen would be good for a special night with elton"
[Gaga] "wanna save"
[Gaga] "ummm maybe"
[Gaga] "hahahaaha"
[Fan] "btw zachary is adorable! I want to pinch his cheeks"

[Gaga] "i know"
[Gaga] "im so excited about fragrance"
[Gaga] "and the cover"
[Gaga] "nice to put things out again"

[Fan] "Gaga where do you see yourself in 15 years from now?"
[Gaga] "15 years?"
[Gaga] "well lets see"
[Gaga] "im 26"
[Gaga] "to ill be 41"
[Gaga] "geez thats old"
[Gaga] "i won't be a mile till I'm 50"
[Gaga] "milf*"

[Gaga] "its not like buying a purse"
[Gaga] "you can't return a screaming child"
[Gaga] "hahaha"
[Gaga] "tbh"

[Gaga] "but ill be doing SOMETHING"
[Gaga] "jazz records?"
[Gaga] "pregrant acoustic"
[Fan] "YAS classy jazz records"
[Gaga] "hahaha"
[Fan] "lmfao I hope adele does pregnant acoustic"

[Gaga] "no need to encourage that one"
[Gaga] "she's like the olympian of record sales"
[Gaga] "susan boyle minus 20 years"
[Gaga] "u know i joke with her"

[Gaga] "its not about better"
[Gaga] "thats whats so strange nowadays"
[Gaga] "music used to embrace diversity"
[Gaga] "now everyone wants to be the same"
[Gaga] "im sprinting from the sameness"
[Fan] "no generic pop for you thank fuckin god"
[Fan] "Yeah!"
[Gaga] "yes thats true"
[Gaga] "my sister said something nice yesterday"
[Gaga] "she said u know why i like your albums"
[Gaga] "cuz no matter what, you always take a chance and do your own thing, and thats rad"

[Fan] "you come from a family of sweeties that's for sure"
[Fan] "tell your dad happy birthday from me :)"
[Gaga] "good family"
[Gaga] "i will"

  1. Shoes by Louis Vuitton

Us August 10Edit PicsEdit

Lady Gaga posted a couple of pics of her.

At Louis Vuitton StoreEdit

Lady Gaga was seen at the Louis Vuitton Store in Chicago, in the afternoon.

Leaving Hermès Store in ChicagoEdit

Gaga was seen leaving a Hermès Store in Chicago even later that day and meeting with her fans.

Lady Gaga is wearing an outfit by Hermès, sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith, and shoes by Louis Vuitton.

Bg August 11Edit


Main article: Little Monsters

Gaga uploaded a couple of selfies and a Instagram photo about her concept of "ARTPOP". She also wrote on Twitter a reply to a fan named Marc about his comment on her "remixed" photograph posted earlier. She wrote a few more tweets in relation to other photographs she posted on Little Monsters. She also joined "Gaga's chat". Later, some fans fought on Twitter relating to the fan Gaga's tweeted which prompted the following note posted by Gaga:

Monsters making me sad fighting on Twitter. Im going to sleep.
I hope we don't fight here.

[Gaga] "gello"
[Gaga] "HEY!"
[Gaga] "hey"
[Gaga] "new single? u haven't heard it yet@"
[Gaga] "how is everyone"
[Gaga] "can't sleep either"
[Gaga] "i miss taylor"
[Gaga] "but i'm excited to see monster"
[Gaga] "hes working"
[Gaga] "which is good, he's ambitious"

Arriving at Sofia International Airport in SofiaEdit

Lady Gaga arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria in the evening, around 4 PM. She was also spotted signing autographs for fans in the airport.

Lady Gaga is wearing an outfit by Hermès, shoes and handbag by Louis Vuitton.

Bg August 12Edit

Leaving Kempinski Hotel Zografski in LozenetsEdit

Lady Gaga signed autographs and met fans as she left her hotel in the morning.


Main article: Little Monsters

In the morning, Gaga joined a chatroom. She discussed the events that happened the night before. Later in the day, Gaga uploaded a photograph of herself on her way to the stadium and added in the caption that she would release a video later on that day.

[Gaga] "is everyone good?"

[Gaga] "don't be shaky!"

[Gaga] "im so excited for perfurme"

[Gaga] "what u all doing"

[Gaga] "dont cry!"

[Gaga] "I'm here w tara"

[Gaga] "celebrities are troll in g?"

[Fan] "gaga are you still mad?"

[Gaga] "in comments?

[Gaga] "mad about what?"

[Fan] "Us arguing on twitter?"

[Gaga] "oh sad"

[Gaga] "i didn't like that no"

[Gaga] "but I'm not mad"

[Gaga] "everyone was screaming at someone i tweeted"

[Gaga] "makes me want to tweet personal messages"

[Gaga] "its not favoritism"

[Gaga] "and i saw everyone talking about money and stuff"

[Gaga] "you know i've met him over 50 times?"

[Gaga] "he follows me everywhere in los angelos"

[Gaga] "hes a very dedicated fan"

[Gaga] "i mean...rehearsal...weddings...dinner...shows..vmas"

[Gaga] "its not luck really, he waits outside for hours and hours"

[Gaga] "i just want you all to support and love one another"

[Fan] "We do Gaga, are you looking forward to coming to the uk? xoxoxoxox"

[Gaga] "i try to be there for everybody"

[Gaga] "yes i can't wait"

Armeets ArenaEdit

The Born This Way Ball crew went to the venue to do a run-through of the show. They rehearsed the few modifications and the rest of the show after a month break.

Bg August 13Edit

Leaving Kempinski Hotel Zografski in LozenetsEdit

Lady Gaga is wearing sunglasses by Lanvin, earrings by Moschino, purse and shoes by Louis Vuitton, and a coat by Hermès.


Main article: Little Monsters

At dusk, Gaga created "Gaga's Chat" with a limit of 33 fans.

[Gaga] "i love fozzi bear so much"

[Gaga] "artpop is next year"

[Gaga] "new music? I'm not sure exactly when"

[Gaga] "the monster pit keys are priceless"

[Rating about Terry's movie about Gaga]
[Gaga] "terry will be rated r"

[Gaga] "I'm going to do it ginger/ the color of the ponytail i had in tokyo"

[Gaga] "i never ever could afford something like that, means something to me"

[House: castle/stage]
[Gaga] "i put a bed and a carpet in the house"

[Gaga] "and i am tailoring some costumes"

[Gaga] "and hair color i think"

[Gaga] "album will never be finished"

[About Machette Kills]
[Gaga] "movie is filmed"


Main article: Monstervision

Lady Gaga posted the fourth episode of Monstervision on The episode showed Gaga arriving in Bulgaria and going to rehearse.


Main article: Monstervision

Lady Gaga posted the fifth episode of Monstervision on The episode showed Gaga taking a bath using the FAME soap, and getting her makeup done in her hotel while explaining a bit about the purpose of Monstervisions and talked a bit about ARTPOP.

Bg August 14Edit

  • "Fame" trailer was released in the morning via Little Monsters.


Main article: Little Monsters

In the morning, Gaga wrote a note ("I FINALLY HAVE RECEIVED IT... THE FRAGRANCE TRAILER IN MY POSSESSION!! What should i do!") before uploading the trailer on the website. She also wrote a second note titled "SURPRISE I POSTED IT EARLY!!": "Its nice to have this site cuz i can't give you everything early! hope you love it as much as steven and i". She wrote on the comments on the trailer, "well I'm so happy you like it, that shiz was expensive".

She also wrote a short letter to her fans regarding the past year during the Born This Way era in 2011:

A letter to my sweet fans..
Today is a really happy day for me. The past year was a challenge, and I'm so happy to have my spirit back. I felt in chains at times. Whether is be the record label disagreeing with me on single choices, or directors who could only create an idea of "gaga" or what i've "done before" and not able to move forward, and there was also of course the incessant dragging of the most important single of my career in dead-beaten-horse-mud. Then there were all the personal moments. Betrayed by lifelong friends, mentors I've had for years suddenly taking advantage of me, and a massive struggles with my body image.
I've grown and left most of these things behind, the monsters of fame are very real. But I wanted to thank you for baring with me a little bit. Today's film is what happens when there is love and respect amongst creatives, teams, management. This project was run solely by the HAUS OF GAGA, ATOM FACTORY, AND STEVEN KLEIN'S fantastic team. I am feeling blessed to have removed those from my life driven by money and luxury, its all about the art of it. I feel free today.
Thank you for always being there for me monsters.
I love you.

Born This Way Ball: Armeets ArenaEdit

Backstage Meet and GreetEdit

Lady Gaga is wearing a robe by Versace, and sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith.

Ro August 15Edit

Arriving Hotel in RomaniaEdit

Lady Gaga is wearing a dress by Moschino, sunglasses by Chanel, a clutch by Louis Vuitton, and shoes by Brian Atwood.


Main article:

In the morning, Gaga revealed that she wrote "Partynauseous" for Kendrick Lamar and that the song will be released in September. At night, Gaga wrote a little note called "Furgate" addressing the controversy regarding her wearing a fur coat and she also create a chatroom.

[Fan] "how are you baby? :) love you so much"
[Gaga] "I'm alright i can't sleep"

[Fan] "gaga are you still here?"
[Gaga] "yes"
[Fan] "can you say something about ARTPOP or song with Kendrick?"
[Gaga] "song with kendrick is powerful"
[Gaga] "its a hip hop /pop/ with a hint of J-pop techno"
[Fan] "J POP?!"
[Gaga] "YES"
[Gaga] "im in a very free place"
[Fan] "what's j-pop"
[Gaga] "japanese pop music"
[Gaga] "but its sort of a trancy hip hop hybrid"
[Gaga] "i love you too!"
[Gaga] "I'm sorry if i upset any of you about the fur"

[Gaga] "you know i love animals"
[Gaga] "you know whats really funny"
[Gaga] "I've been vegan for like 4 months"
[Gaga] "its for health"
[Gaga] "and i don't like the way they treat animals in farms"
[Gaga] "im not perfect"
[Gaga] "i love ellen"

Ro August 16Edit

Leaving Hotel in BucharestEdit

Arriving at Piaţa ConstituţieiEdit

Lady Gaga is wearing a dress by Moschino, sunglasses by ???, ans shoes by Isabel Marant.

Born This Way Ball: Piaţa ConstituţieiEdit

Backstage Meet and GreetEdit

Ro At August 17Edit

Herăstrău Park in BucharestEdit

Gaga was seen leaving Hotel way to Herăstrău Park in Bucharest during the morning, and later left Romania in a private plane to Austria.


Main article: Monstervision

Lady Gaga posted the sixth episode of Monstervision titled "Fozzi and Me", starring Lady Gaga and Fozzi, Tara's dog. The video showed scenes of Gaga and Fozzi walking and having fun around Bucharest and finally boarding a private plane to Austria.

Arriving Hotel in ViennaEdit

Lady Gaga arrived in Austria in the afternoon. She was greeted by fans and signed autographs as she proceeded to her hotel.

At August 18Edit

Leaving Hotel in ViennaEdit

Lady Gaga left the Hotel in the morning and signed autographs.

Born This Way Ball: Wiener StadthalleEdit

Lady Starlight Support ActEdit

Backstage Meet and GreetEdit

Nl August 19Edit


Main article: Monstervision

Lady Gaga posted the 7th episode of Monstervision online titled, "The Adventures of Mary Jane Holland". The episode showed scenes of Gaga, Tara Savelo and others, cooking, partying and playing with Tara's dog, Fozzi. This Monstervision marked the comeback of Gaga's brunette hair.

Out and about in AmsterdamEdit

Lady Gaga was spotted out in Amsterdam and she took pictures with fans.

Nl August 20Edit


Lady Gaga posted several pics on of her brand new brunette hair.

Leaving Hotel in AmsterdamEdit

Lady Gaga was seen leaving her hotel in Amsterdam around noon. She took pictures with fans on her way out.

Leaving the Incanto RestaurantEdit

Lady Gaga was seen leaving the Incanto Restaurant in the afternoon.

Lt August 21Edit

Arriving at Vilnius AirportEdit

Lady Gaga arrived at Vilnius Airport in the morning. She then proceeded to her hotel.

Leaving Hotel in LithuaniaEdit

Gaga was spotted leaving Hotel in Lithuania, to go to Vingis Park.

Born This Way Ball: Vingis ParkEdit

Backstage Meet and GreetEdit

Lt August 22Edit


Lady Gaga recorded music in her hotel room.

Lv August 23Edit


Main article: Little Monsters (website)

During the day, Gaga joined the chat.

[Gaga] "I'm gettign ready to go on stage"
[Gaga] "grat"
[Gaga] "yes"
[Gaga] "i just needed a little TLC from you guys"
[Gaga] "having a bad days"

[Gaga] "thank you i love my brunette"

[Gaga] "im sicking of the public owning my image"
[Gaga] "sick*"
[Gaga] "my hair is mine"
[Gaga] "they killed the blond"

[Fan] "i love you so much. I hate to see you sad."
[Gaga] "i hate to see you sad too"

[Fan] "We all love you as brunette"
[Gaga] "well good"

[Gaga] "cuz the brown will stay until they kill her too"

[Gaga] "i have to get dressed"
[Gaga] "i may call you monsters"
[Gaga] "but you're my angels too"
[Gaga] "love u"

Born This Way Ball: Riga MežaparksEdit

Backstage Meet and GreetEdit

Ee August 25Edit

Leaving Hotel in TallinnEdit



Lady Gaga posted a pic of herself on holding a bottle of her perfume that she bought online.

Born This Way Ball: Tallinn Song Festival GroundsEdit

Backstage Meet and GreetEdit

Fi August 27Edit

Born This Way Ball: Hartwall AreenaEdit

Backstage Meet and GreetEdit

Fi August 28Edit

Leaving Kämp Hotel in HelsinkiEdit

Lady Gaga left the Helsinki Hotel in the afternoon to go to the Hartwall Areena.

At Chanel Store in HelsinkiEdit


Lady Gaga posted a pic of herslef with blonde hair. The new hairstyle for the Born This Way Ball Tour.

Born This Way Ball: Hartwall AreenaEdit

Backstage Meet and GreetEdit

Fi Se August 29Edit

Shopping in FinlandEdit

Lady Gaga was seen leaving a store in Helsinki in the morning before she left to Sweden.


Lady Gaga posted a first photo of herself on right before she left Finland.

Arriving Hotel in StockholmEdit

Lady Gaga arrived in Stockholm, Sweden, in the evening. Terry Richardson took pics of Gaga and Tara Savelo in their arrival outfits.

Bon Magazine Party in StockholmEdit

Lady Gaga attended the Bon Magazine Party in Sweden.

Se August 30Edit

Leaving Hotel in StockholmEdit

Gaga was seen leaving her hotel in Stockholm in the morning. Terry Richardson was with the Haus and took photographs as she left the hotel.

  1. Outfit by Daniel Bendzovski

Born This Way Ball: Ericsson GlobeEdit

After "Judas", the electricity (partially) went out and Gaga decided to bring Terry onstage and make him dance for the crowd. She also sang a few verses of "Fashion of His Love" with the band before she decided to do a Q&A with the fans. She said multiple times that she was sorry and that she had to entertain the crowd as it's her show. The first fan asked Gaga is she could go backstage to which Gaga said 'yes'. Gaga followed with other fans but she asked no more "can I go backstage?" question to which the following fan ignored and asked her. "What inspire you?" to which she replied that "I would say that the inspiration for ARTPOP is possibilities."

Gaga sang partially "Hair" as she saw fans with sad eyes and wanted them to be free as their hair.

Se August 31Edit

Born This Way Ball: Ericsson GlobeEdit

Backstage Meet and GreetEdit


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