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A list of events which occurred on the 20th of June.

"Back in New York, leopard tights and sparkles, like a new woman. Can't wait 4 Monster Ball, ready to tear the face off my hometown 2nite xx" 8:26 AM via web
"A MUGLER fashion film will be debuted in high quality later today, with the brilliant full menswear collection + the full remix of my song X" 7:50 AM via web
" 12pm EST / 6pm paris time . Show/film/music presentation @formichetti @ladygaga #Mugler" 8:26 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"Scheiße. has crashed due to major traffic, we are doing our best to get it through rehab. #monsterfashionattack." 9:17 AM via web
"Go to or for MUGLER fashion+my remix of music from Born This Way album. Thank you for the amazing comments! ✝" 9:57 AM via web
"Tonight I will have one whole quart of brandy for Etta." 2:02 PM via web
"Little Monsters just spoke with my editor at @vmagazine. Please send in any or all drawings of me wearing pearls to be printed next issue! X" 2:04 PM via web
"Also drawings of me flipping the bird at at the ball game would be greatly appreciated. Send all to @vmagazine and copy me!" 2:11 PM via web
"Just saw first photos of the stage being built. Just peed all the way down to my Chanel shoes!! *sorry Karl* ahhh!!!!!!" 2:15 PM via web

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