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A list of events which occurred on the 29th of March.

"Trans gagavis are NOT gone forever. Current epis. are 6 months old and I felt it was unfair to the fans. Go to ladystarlightnyc youtube chan" 11:01 AM via web
"Ladystarlight is directing and producing beautiful videos with me and the old gang from ny see previews at" 11:03 AM via web
"I woke up to chicken and waffles in bed, pink tulips, + little monster bday videos. I love you! I was #bornthisday but u were #bornthisway.' 3:32 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"Got a bruise on my back the size of a small steak. #bornthiswayball" 9:17 PM via Mobile Web
"Hmmmmm "@borntobebravex: @ladygaga Will you be doing more GagaVisions during the #bornthiswayball? :)"" 9:21 PM via Mobile Web
"Filet "@jayracer440: @ladygaga new york strip or porterhouse ?"" 9:36 PM via Mobile Web
"I really tried to tweet photos of props last night but after 12 margaritas my phone was confiscated. #itried #truthtea" 9:54 PM via Mobile Web
"#TrueTea #TruthTea #ThatsTheTeaBitch" 10:11 PM via Mobile Web

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