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A list of events which occurred on the 31st of January.

"Backstage getting ready, feels like youre here with me tonight little monsters. Thank you for a beautiful year full of love and music.Iloveu" 12:28 PM via web
"We won two grammy's already little monsters + I dedicate them to u! I ruined my makeup crying! Look for little monster suprise on the piano" 2:37 PM via web
"I am so grateful to all of you for your loyalty and love. I would never be here without u. #littlemonstersforever" 2:39 PM via web
"Looking forward to seeing the Superbowl! The halftime show will be wonderful I'm sure. An excuse to drink beer+watch boys in tights. #yes" 11:42 AM via web
"I think my favorite tweets from lil monsters this week are "can you get drunk and announce the tour dates." Am I that predictable!??!?!??!" 11:46 AM via web
"were my NIPPLES TRENDING? Haus texted me but I thought they were joking! Monsters #VirtualSpanking for cuteness and being inappropriate." 11:51 AM via web
"Haus Meetings all day. Will show you what the stage looks like in the next few weeks!" 12:08 PM via web
"We were just watching tour videos for inspiration. Came across this:… made us cry. We love u, can't wait for the nextone" 1:53 PM via web

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