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A list of events which occurred on the 7th of May.

"So proud of idol, and haus of gaga, editing alejandro, music in sweden, ciggys and champagne keep out the worries + the rain. Xmothermonster" 8:33 PM via OpenBeak
"I cried last night in Mexico City, and I took centerstage with me. The Monsterball changed our lives, + because of you will live on forever." 3:24 PM via web
"It now takes a spot in the ten highest grossing tours of all time + the highest grossing of a debut artist in history. GagaHBO 9pm Tonight." 3:44 PM via web
" - Put your paws up, for the last Monsterball. GagaHBO in 30 min. Cheers." 5:32 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"Last show in Hong Kong, what an amazing time it's been here. A dream come true, 4 sold out shows in a row. till tonight lil monsters..." 12:17 AM via Twitter for iPad
"Drop dead after last Hong Kong. You Chinese kids are fucking crazy, in my dressing room recovering. Thanks Donatella X" 9:10 AM via Twitter for iPad
"On my way to TOKYO!!! I'm so excited I'm gonna sit by the pilot on the planes and ask him to go faster!! *are we there yet* :))" 11:24 PM via web

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