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A list of events which occurred on the 8th of January.

  • Gaga did an interview with Billy Bush for his radio show. And for Access Hollywood.
"thank you to all my fans for voting for me! we won 2 people's choice awards little monsters!" 9:17 PM via web
"time to drink a bottle of wine and sketch for the new tour. st.louis was brilliant. there's eyeliner on my knee, and blood on my elbow.shady" 9:18 PM via web
"" 9:34 PM via TwitPic
  • Gaga was seen with fans in NYC.
"Tonight I'm tackling my first boeuf bourguignon. Apron, heels, a wooden spoon, & heaps of determination. Will report my monster efforts! xox" 5:25 PM via web
"My friends are stoned and making me take my french masterpiece out early. #BouefBourguignwrong? Well see. Some just can't wait 3 hrs!" 10:00 PM via web
  • Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney attended the Chicago Bulls Charity Dinner. The evening included a cocktail reception along with silent auctions, entertainment. The event raises money to support the work of Chicago Bulls Charities. Later, was seen taking pics with a few Fans.
"Some circumstances are like Onions. As you peel away at them, they get smellier and smellier."
"1 RT= 1 Vote for 'Favorite Music Fan Following' Peoples Choice Awards! Thank you #LittleMonsters I love u guys, you make me strong"
"@Podaboo too bad I can't choose you, life already chose us to belong together. I am you, you are me, we are eachother." Via Twitter
"Bed time friends"
"Some if you know my best friend Bo, this is her puppy. She is so cute her name is charly! Look at her eyes so sweet like an angel!"
"Photo from Christmas. Very serious face. I'm seriously serious about that serious seashell crown present."

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