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A list of events which occurred on the 9th of June.

"Deadline for my @Vmagazine column is in a few hrs! Any artistic little monster to sketch a teal haired gaga to be featured as my photo?" 10:36 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"Jet lag, WHY!?? I'm just a good girl trying to get rest before my recital tomorrow! Any Kiwi suggestions? @TaraSavelo is snoring. Jealous." 7:20 AM via Twitter for iPad
"I literally passed out after I sent my jet lag tweet last night. Did you all send me cyber sleepy voodoo?!" 8:26 PM via Twitter for iPad
"I dont have it i swear!! RT @_b0rnthisway: @ladygaga ever give Tara back her unicorn?" 8:29 PM via Twitter for iPad
"Is that why i fall asleep during important business meetings? RT @MattyScheisse: @ladygaga YES, we do that to you all the time tho" 8:30 PM via Twitter for iPad
"How's everyone feeling on Twitter today? Having a good day?" 8:38 PM via Twitter for iPad
"I have that same dream, I just feel like Im at Bloomingdales RT @Raeee_mariexo: keep having dreams about @ladygaga in a butcher shop. irony." 8:50 PM via Twitter for iPad
"between 5 and 20 every night! “@WeNeedLGAGA: How many monsters do h usually bring to backstage? @ladygaga”" 9:04 PM via Twitter for iPad

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