Released 2014 (Planned)
Length N/A
Producers Lady Gaga
DJ White Shadow
Infected Mushroom
David Guetta
Dino Zisis
Label Streamline
Singles from ARTPOP (Act II)

ARTPOP (Act II) was supposed to be the follow-up to her fourth studio album, ARTPOP. Gaga first introduced the album as 'ACT TWO' during a Twitter Q/A [1]. The album includes production by DJ White Shadow, and Gaga herself.

Background Edit

Act II is essentially the tracks that Gaga wanted to include on ARTPOP, but could not due to time constraints or other limiting factors - so it was recorded, written, and produced during the same time ARTPOP was.

Tracks Edit

Any track titles confirmed by Gaga through her twitter from 2012-2013 could be on Act II, but since no official release was planned, no official track list exists.

Here are some tracks that could've possibly been on ARTPOP Act II.

References Edit


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