Alberta Ferretti (Cattolica, 1950) is an Italian fashion designer and dressmaker. She designed for Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti until 2014. Her showroom is in Milan, Italy, but her studio is in the village of Cattolica, near Rimini, Italy. In 1968, she opened her first boutique, called Jolly, in Cattolica. She designed a first collection in 1973 and co-founded Aeffe S.p.A (it) (a publicly-traded clothing manufacturer and distributor) in 1976. She began showing seasonal collections on the runways of Milan in 1981. She launched Ferretti Jeans Philosophy in 1989, renamed Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti in 1994. In 1994 she renovated a 13th-century castle into the Palazzo Viviani hotel in Montegridolfo. She started Aeffe U.S.A., which produced and distributed clothing by Moschino, Rifat Ozbek, Jean Paul Gaultier and Narcisco Rodriguez. Aeffe is owned by Ferretti and her brother, Massimo.

Pre-Fall 2017 Collection: Limited Edition Edit

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