Andrea Gelardin

Andrea Gelardin is a Spanish-Italian fashion photographer, creative director and filmmaker. She has worked with multiple large fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo and Topshop, as well as Nick Knight. In 2016, Gelardin and Ruth Hogben founded the creative direction studio, Lobster Eye. Both Hogben and Gelardin act as creative directors for Lady Gaga's Joanne album.

Work with Lady Gaga Edit

2016 Edit

Main article: "Perfect Illusion"

In 2016, along with Ruth Hogben, Gelardin founded the creative direction studio Lobster Eye, which is an offshoot of Showstudio as well as taking on managing Gaga's fifth studio album campaign cycle. Lobster Eye also directed and photographed the music video for "Perfect Illusion".[1]

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