On July 28th, 2013, Gaga took to Twitter to announce that the pre-order for ARTPOP has been moved up to August 19, 2013, saying that her single, "Applause" will be released that day as well. This confirmed all speculation that "Applause" was the lead single. The song was registered onto Gaga's BMI on August 29, 2013.

Due to multiple leaks of Applause on August 11, Gaga announced on Twitter that the single will be released on August 12, 2013. The day prior, Gaga retweeted a fan including a link to an Universal Music Group page dedicated to fight leak. However, due to the song being available through various snippets that, Gaga later tweeted that it would be released on iTunes at midnight.

Applause Music Video Poster 001
Promotional poster for the "Applause" music video.

Social media promotion

See reference for more details.

Before the release of "Applause", Gaga released a few photograph from the album photoshoot with Inez and Vinoodh. Usually her posts came from either Twitter or Little Monsters and were lated also posted on her active social media accounts such as Facebook and Google+. The content of these posts were mostly either lyrics or a caption with the photos along with the number of days remaining until the premiere of the single.


7-23-13 002

On July 23, 2013, Gaga's makeup artist, Tara Savelo of the Haus of Gaga posted a photograph of Gaga painting on a canvas that read "Applause" along with a caption reading "26 days".

On July 28, Gaga revealed via twitter that the single cover would be revealed later that day on Women's Wears Daily's website. At 7:30 PM, Women's Wears Daily posted the single cover in a gallery about Gaga's career. Gaga also posted the single cover on her Twitter later that day.

"Artwork for new single 'Applause' comes tonight on @womensweardaily's site for coverprint on newstands 2moro. Photography Inez+Vinoodh -GAGA" — Twitter on July 28, 2013

The artwork was shot by Inez and Vinoodh, who also shot the music video for "Applause". The photograph features colorful, emotional and theatrical, capturing Gaga with a Pierrot-esque face, her rainbow of makeup artfully smeared and her hair covered under a head wrap. Gaga added colors to the printed photograph which was later scanned to be the single artwork. The central image is placed on a double black bordered white canvas, the text was handwritten by either Inez or Vinoodh. 

Release history

The physical single was available as a 2-track CD single including the album version of "Applause" alongside the instrumental version, it was also released on a 12" Picture Disc vinyl exclusive for Black Friday of 2013 and included eight remixes of the song.

Physical releases

International CD Single

Applause cover Label:
Streamline RecordsInterscope Records

Format: Slimline jewel case
Released: September 11, 2013
Barcode: 602537524891
Photography: Inez and Vinoodh
Design: N/A    

Applause BR

# Name Time
1. "Applause"   3:32
2. "Applause" (Instrumental) 3:32

Region Date Format Catalog # Barcode
Us Ca August 12, 2013 Digital download
Globe-green August 13, 2013
Us August 19, 2013 Mainstream radio
Jp September 11, 2013 UICS-9138 4988005790477
CD Single UICS-5051 4988005790484
De September 13, 2013 602537524891
Fr 602537542352
Sk September 18, 2013 DS30695
In October 1, 2013 3752489 602537524891

Picture Disc Vinyl

The picture disc vinyl was released on November 29, 2013 as a 'Black Friday' store exclusive for Record Store Day, both in the US and in the UK. The content of the vinyl is exactly the same on both vinyls, with the only difference being the country of manufacture and the color and position of the sticker on the plastic sleeve, the US sticker is white, and the UK sticker is clear.

Applause Vinyl Label:
Streamline RecordsInterscope Records

Format: Vinyl, 12" PIcture Disc
Released: November 29, 2013
Barcode: B0019-492-11
Photography: Inez and Vinoodh
Design: N/A    

Applause BR

Side A
Side B

Digital releases


Applause Remixes Label: Interscope
Format: Digital
Released: 30 September, 2013
Barcode: None
Photography: Inez and Vinoodh
Design: Not credited

Radio premiere


Remix Length Releases Year
Chew Fu ReFix 4:48 2013
DJ White Shadow Trap Remix 4:08 Applause (Remixes)
DJ White Shadow Electrotech Remix 5:48
Empire of The Sun Remix 4:05
Viceroy Remix 4:25
Purity Ring Remix 3:04
Fareoh Remix 4:52
Bent Collective Club Remix 7:26
Goldhouse Remix 4:36

Prior to the release of the Remix EP, each remix (excluding the two DJ White Shadow remixes, as they had been released via soundcloud and youtube earlier) premiered on a different website throught late September, 2013.

  • The Purity Ring Remix premiered on Dazed Digital on September 20, 2013.
  • The Empire of The Sun Remix premiered on Rolling Stone on September 23, 2013.
  • The Bent Collective (Steven Redant, Danny Verde & Guy Scheiman) premiered on Towleroad on September 24, 2013
  • The Goldhouse Remix premiered on Idolator on September 25, 2013.
  • The Fareoh Remix premiered on Earmilk on September 26, 2013.
  • The Viceroy Remix premiered on Dancing Astronaut on September 27, 2013.

Music video



Premiere date August 19, 2013
Director(s) Inez and Vinoodh
Fashion director Brandon Maxwell at Haus of Gaga
Choreographer Richard Jackson at Haus of Gaga
Director of photography Dave Devlin

On July 17th, 2013, Inez posted a photo of her and Vinoodh on the set of the "Applause" to her instagram account.On July 26th, an image of the clapboard from the filming of the "Applause" Music Video was released. The music video was filmed on July 17. This confirmed it was directed by Inez and Vinoodh. On July 31st, 2013, Gaga tweeted that the video was to be released the same day as the single on August 19.

On August 8th, Gaga posted a photo from on the set to "I can't wait for you to see the 'Applause' video 8.19, directed by my darling friends @inezandvinoodh!!"

It was confirmed that the music video for Applause would be released on Good Morning America (GMA) on August 19th as planned before the leak of the single. Gaga tweeted that she would be in Times Square in New York to watch the premeire of the music video on some of the big screens. She described the video as a "classic black and white battles color in a theatrical bid for applause!" and that the video won't be longer than the actual song unlike her previous music videos.


So, while fans might find their own meanings in the visual, MTV News spoke to Inez van Lamsweerde, one half of the directing duo Inez & Vinoodh, about the video. "She'll do anything in this video to make her audience happy and give them inspiration". Inez said on the phone, hours after the premiere, noting that she and Vinoodh were inspired by silent movies and early horror films. "We wanted to bring it back to a very basic element".

Bed Bug

Inez van Lamsweerde told MTV News this scene was originally meant “to be a tiny vignette in the video that would look back at a past time in her life when she was fresh out of school and living in the Lower East Side and dreamt of whatever her future would be. And that was there to represent that. She used to have that kind of hair when she was 18, 19, so we said that’s that past moment. When we started shooting it, it felt so great we said “Let’s do the whole song on this mattress and do the choreography laying down”. And she performed so incredibly it felt like such a real, raw feeling. It made it as the thread through the whole video. That’s the real and the rest is sort of the dreams she had”.

Lady Gaga wears a bra by Pretty Wild with lace shorts by Valentino Couture.

Top hat

Lady Gaga wears a jacket by Maison Martin Margiela, a mirrored bodysuit by Haus of Gaga with Natali Germanotta and Swarovski Elements collaboration.


Lady Gaga wears an inflatable coat by Gareth Pugh, a catsuit by Mila Schön and boots by Azzedine Alaïa.


Thorn Cage

Lady Gaga wears a skeletal corset and skirt by Olivier Theyskens and boots by Pleaser.


Inez told MTV News the fashion show was all Gaga’s idea: “She always had it in her head that she wanted to do a fashion show, where she would be flying instead of walking. She always been incredibly inspired by fashion and its energy, so it felt extremely right to have that part of her life represented”.

Lady Gaga wears wings by Junker Designs, a catsuit by Mila Schön and boots by Azzedine Alaïa.
Dancers: bloch and rupskin dancewear, blonde hair headpieces by Charlie le Mindu, black headpieces by Theresa Dapra.

Botticelli Babe

She explained that "we were extremely inspired by Botticelli's painting," for that look where Gaga appears in a clam shell bikini, her curls cascading around her shoulders. She added "[We were also inspired by] having this idea that she goes through this struggle to go back onstage, which is in that pink laser tower. And she's sort of dragging that leg as a trophy and making it back on stage as a fully-realized, complete new person and that's why the Botticelli came to mind".

Lady Gaga wears a custom seashell bra and panties by Perry Meek for Haus of Gaga.

Applause dance

For a song like "Applause", the directors knew they needed a way to get hands in there so they found the most unexpected way to do it. She said, "The glove-kini! That's Brandon Maxwell, her fashion director that had that made. The song's called 'Applause'. There had to be hands".

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac tweeted on July 21, 2012, that he was working on a outfit for Lady Gaga's next video. He collaborated with her on "Telephone" and she also wore some of his creations in the past.

Lady Gaga wears a bra, neckpiece and gloves by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

Black Swan

The scene where Gaga's head appears on a black swan was not inspired by the Darren Aronofsky film, but instead more by Gaga's fascination with eggs. "She's always had the egg reference in her work and since this video is kind of about a rebirth and at the end there's the Botticelli 'Birth of Venus' reference, so we said, 'OK, an egg... a fur egg and what comes out of a fur egg?' In our minds, a black swan with her face on it," Inez said.


She added "[We were also inspired by] having this idea that she goes through this struggle to go back onstage, which is in that pink laser tower. And she's sort of dragging that leg as a trophy and making it back on stage as a fully-realized, complete new person and that's why the Botticelli came to mind".

Lady Gaga wears a gown by John Galliano, body chain by Mathieu Mirano, necklace (worn as headpiece) by Halaby and oversized leg by Marla Weinhoff Studio.
Dancers: headpieces by Luke Brooks.

Mask scene

Lady Gaga wears a custom jeweled mask by House of Lavande.

Lyric video

Applause (Lyric Video)

Applause (Lyric Video)

APPLAUSE Lyric Video Behind The Scenes

APPLAUSE Lyric Video Behind The Scenes

Lyric Video Behind The Scenes

On August 13th, 2013, Gaga tweeted that she would be at Micky's that night in Los Angeles to shoot the lyric video for Applause.

"I will definitely NOT be at Mickys tonight, and I will definitely NOT expect you there to be in my lyric video. #APPLAUSE", "IM SERIOUS LA MONSTERS, ITS NOT LIKE I WILL BE HOPING YOU ARE THERE WITH YOUR APPLAUSE MAKEUP READY TO DANCE FOR ME AND WATCH DRAG" , "I AM NOT IN WEHO I SWEAR"

On August 14th, 2013, Gaga revealed that she would release the lyric video on August 15th and that it was a "Haus of Gaga Film". Bobby Campbell of the Haus of Gaga noted that the video was shot and edited by Gaga herself. He also released a behind the scenes video on August 15th. The video became the first lyric video to be released by Gaga.

Behind the scenes

Lady Gaga wears an outfit, a bow collar as headpiece and shoes by Saint Laurent Paris.



Directors Inez and Vinoodh
Date July 16-17-18, 2013
Location Paramount Pictures Studio, LA Us
Producer Gabe Hill
Director of Photography Dave Devlin
Lightning Director Jodokus Driessen
Production Company GE Projects and theCollectiveShift
Production design Marla Weinhoff Studio
Choreography Richard Jackson at Haus of Gaga
Dancers Amanda BalenDavid Lei Brandt, Graham Breitenstein, Montana EfawKevin Frey, Christina Grady, Knicole Breahn Haggins, Asiel Hardison, Casey Johansen, Christopher MartinezIan McKenzie, Sloan-Taylor RabinorVictor Rojas, Celine Thubert
Fashion director & Stylist Brandon Maxwell at Haus of Gaga
Stylist assistants Hayley Pisaturo and Sandra Amador
Haus of Gaga costume desinger Perry Meek
Set Design Marla Weinhoff at Haus of Gaga
Hair stylist Shay Ashual
Hair stylist assistants Sean Mikel Hare and Anthony Kelley, Nikki Providence
Makeup artist Yadim
Makeup assistants Mondo Leon and Kanako Takase
Dancer Makeup artist Sarah Tanno
Dancer Hair stylist Glenn Nutley
Dancer Hair stylist assistants Jacquelyn Fanara and Crystal Pray
Manicurist Michelle Saunders
Tailor Susie Kourinian

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