Azature is a jewelry brand, with more than 70 years of heritage. Also known as the “Black Diamond King”. Azature born and raised in Hollywood; he has devoted himself to honing his vision, majoring in sociology and business at UCLA before moving onto Parsons School of Design, where he completed the graduate-level fashion design program. He worked with design-world, including Richard Tyler, stylist Andrea Lieberman, Alexander McQueen, BCBG and Dior. He founded UCLA’s FAST (Fashion and Student Trends), the university’s first fashion organization, in 2000. (The group has now spread to campuses throughout California). In 2005, Azature won a Parsons/Phat Farm design competition, judged by Project Runway’s Tim Gunn and Russell Simmons, and the same year. Azature’s first collection of fine jewelry launched in the fall of 2007.

Beauty Edit

Nail lacquer Edit

  1. Collaboration with Karen G. Nails and Nailing Hollywood.

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