This first part of the book include an introduction by Lady Gaga with the 2 CDs, 3D glasses and a lock of hair as bookmark.

The first page of the book feature a picture taken on February 24, 2009 by Slam Photography. Inside of it, a special 2 sided all black CD The Fame Monster (Censored, 8 tracks) and a bookmark made from a lock of Lady Gaga's hair from the Candy Warhol wig.

Page 2 feature a previously unreleased picture taken on May 14, 2009 by David LaChapelle, The Fame (2008 US Version, 14 tracks) and 3D Glasses with "Pop" written on it.

[Page 5]
I. Manifesto of Little Monsters
There's something heroic about the way my fans operate their cameras. So precisely and intricately, so proudly, and so methodically. Like Kings writing the history of their people. It's their prolific nature that both creates and procures what will later be perceived as the "kingdom." So, the real truth about Lady Gaga fans lies in this sentiment: They are the kings. They are the queens. They write the history of the kingdom, while I am something of a devoted Jester.

It is in the theory of perception that we have established our bond. Or, the lie, I should say, for which we kill. We are nothing without our image. Without our projection. Without the spiritual hologram of who we perceive ourselves to be, or rather to become, in the future.

When you're

I'll be lonely too,

And this is the fame.

Lady Gaga

Fan art by Raizel/rzk12 with a handwritten comment in sharpie by Gaga: "GAGA LOVES LITTLE MONSTERS"

[P7, from left ro right]

  • Album cover fan art by UNCREDITED
  • San Francisco in 2008
  • "'DADA / GAGA"
  • Enclave on August 14 of 2008 with Dina and Miss Jones in Chicago. (Photography by ???)

[Page 8]

[Page 9]

  1. ① The full Disco Stick in 2008, ② the Light Glove "We froze acrylic + crushed it with a hammer to make crystals!", ③ "So, I became the light show. + no matter how dark it was in the club. my fans could see me.", ④ The Crystal glasses with the Disco Stick, ⑤ "Little Monster hands! Ah!" The Fame Ball, release party of The Fame (© 2008 Robin Roemer)

[Page 10]

  1. ① "The Fame Ball 2009, I designed Fame Ball. Board in Ireland (You can't see but there's whiskey next to me on floor)", ② 'Countdown', ③ 'From new video' (backdrop), ④ Beautiful Dirty Rich + Money Honey ? (???)?, ⑤ 'Poker Face acoustic', ⑥ P????? fade silhouette into..., ⑦ "4 ART/POP installation: ❶ Spider/Paparazzi shutter dress ❷ Ziggy Stardust motorcycle ❸ Bubble Dreams ❹ The City (Metropolis)" 'Paparazzi', ⑧ Films #1 Pop ate my heart, ⑨ The Fame, ⑩"Candy Warhol Films. Directed by Me+Lady Starlight", ⑪Just Dance (The Fame Machine), ⑫ "Me chanel blazer (good luck coat)", ⑬ Paparazzi "Used same on in B's video!", ⑭ "Warhol yellow gun in Candy Warhol Films"
  2. "My little monsters are so talented. I take all their art w/ me on the road" (Fan art by ???)

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