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Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa is a hotel, casino, and spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey owned by Marina District Development Corporation, LLC.

November 7, 2008Edit

Lady Gaga was the opening act for The New Kids on the Block: Live tour.

Set listEdit

 1. Haus Introduction
 2. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"
 3. Pop Ate My Heart
 4. "LoveGame, The Fame"
 5. "Starstruck"
 6. "Paparazzi"
 7. Phantom
 8. "Poker Face"
 9. "Just Dance" [edit set list]

January 16, 2010Edit

Due to exhaustion and dehydration, Lady Gaga collapsed and passed out before her show in West Lafayette, IN. Her physician has advised her to take a few days off to rest. As a result – the concert was cancelled.

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