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China Taylor

China Taylor (born China Debonaire Alexis Taylor) grew up in Altamonte Springs, Florida. She was 18 when the artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour began.

Work with Lady GagaEdit


  • Her dance training is primarily Ballet and Jazz.
  • She is the great-granddaughter of Golden Gate Quartet's second tenor, Henry Owens.
  • She starting dancing at Duvall Dance Academy in Orlando at the age of nine.
  • She attended Lake Brantley High School.
  • She has also danced in Music videos for Britney Spears, Karmen, Zendaya, Ace Primo, Brooklyn, a few episodes of Glee and The X Factor as well as the season seven Waterloo episode of Mad Men.
  • China Taylor has also gone on Tour with Zendaya, Trey Songz and Janet Jackson.
  • China Taylor was 17 years old when she booked her first World Tour (The ARTPOP Ball) with Lady Gaga.   
  • She is also a member of Willdabeast Adams immaBeast Dance Crew Company.



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