Columbia Halle is in Berlin, Germany.

July 18, 2009: The Fame Ball TourEdit

Set list
  1. The Heart + Haus Intro
  2. "Paparazzi"
  3. "LoveGame" (contains elements of the 'Chew Fu Ghetto House Mix' featuring Marilyn Manson)
  4. "Willkommen" (Acapella)
  5. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"
  6. The Brain
  7. "The Fame"
  8. "Money Honey"
  9. "Boys Boys Boys"
  10. The Face (contains samples from "Just Dance")
  11. "Just Dance"
  12. "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
  13. "Brown Eyes" (Acoustic)
  14. "Poker Face" (Acoustic)
  15. "Poker Face"

The ShowEdit

The show started with the regular "The Heart" introduction starring Candy Warhol and the Doctor. Then the countdown began and the "Haus" introduction interluded the first track of the show: "Paparazzi". When the curtain dropped Lady Gaga stood in the middle of the stage, holding her hands in the air. Her body was surrounded by a certain kind of metal plates that represented the Paparazzi and the monster that binds her hands as a human being. The metal plates with the mirror pieces look in addition to the stage dress she's wearing like a ball dress. The show opening was very dramatic. When the "Ball dress" opened and revealed the short dress she was wearing the crowd went crazy. Gaga was wearing the original "Fame Ball" dress abundantly ornamented with sliver mirror pieces. She finished "Paparazzi" without her keytar - what was very surprising for the fans in the audiences. The next song of the show, "LoveGame" showed Gaga dancing with her well known 'disco stick'. She was followed by her three male dancers. After a sample of the LoveGame 'Chew Fu Ghetto House Mix' Gaga stopped for a while to welcome the audiences with an a cappella version of the song "Willkommen" from the musical 'Cabaret'. After some frivolous words she went on with "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich". Notable is that her dress slipped over her bosom. The german newspaper "Bild" revealed some pics of that later on their website. Gaga finished the song being carried from the stage by her three male dancers. She announced her band from New York "Kids" playing a solo piece. After the bands solo act three monitors appeared on the stage showing the second interlude of the evening called "The Brain". The last accords of the video let the audiences hear some lines of the song "The Fame" which followed in full. Gaga wore a red latex outfit with a red hat and a glitter jacket she put off after singing some lines. After the song she stopped to lay down for a minute on the stage. After a very short break she talked to the audiences and invited them to have a little sing a long with her. She sang "I love Berlin. Bloody, Bloody Berlin" and the audiences had to repeat it. She screamed and laughed and sad one of her most known sentences... "I hate money". With this sentence she introduced "Money Honey" and went on singing and dancing wild. For the next song called "Boys Boys Boys" she asked the audiences were her gay boys would be. The crowd screamed - no matter of being straight or gay! She continued and left the stage. Her band had a little solo act before the three monitors appeared on the stage again. The next interlude called "The Face" showed Candy Warhol, her alter ego, and the doctor discussing were 'Pop' went after using her face. Some lines of "Just Dance" were played and "Just Dance" followed with Gaga going on the stage and wearing her famous monitor glasses that had been designed - like all the other props that were used during the show - by the Haus of Gaga. She putted them down and started singing "Just Dance". At the end of the song some elements of the 'Space Cowboy Remix' were used to finish the song. After a little drink break she introduced her dancers and joked with the crowd. After another short break she started singing "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" with a thunderbolt microphone stands. The band played an instrumental version of "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" while Gaga changed her clothes backstage. She returned on the stage wearing a wig and a bubble jacket. While playing "Brown Eyes" she putted one garment after the other down. At the end she was playing in a crystal full suit on her bubble piano that has been already used on the entire tour and in some TV appearances. She went on playing an acoustic version of "Poker Face" that filled more 10% of the show. She changed the lyrics a bit after requesting the german word for "bullshit". The crowd screamed "Scheiße!" and she repeated shy and funny "Seise!". She used that word sometime sin the song and finished it with a wild improvised ending on the piano. Then the stage went darker. Some a cappella fragments of "Poker Face" were played before she started singing the original version of "Poker Face". She finished the song with a wild dance scene featuring the 'Space Cowboy Remix' of "Poker Face". Finally Gaga, the band and her dancers bowed and left the stage.


  • This concert was the same as the previous concert at Palladium Cologne except she wore the purple tutu instead of the yellow one tonight.
  • She also wore the curly wig again during "Brown Eyes".
  • And she wore the regular costumes during the show. Excerpt the dress she wore during "Just Dance" and "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)".
  • The Berlin show was the only night Gaga wore her original blue "Just Dance" dress that has been worn only on the North-American leg of her "Fame Ball Tour".

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