This is a list of Lady Gaga's controversies during her work on the fame industry.

Controversies Edit

  • Gaga was in a controversial hoax of she being a hermaphrodite [person which gender is unidentified if it's female or male], the latter was debunked after times.
  • Gaga made controversy in the premiere night of her perfume "Fame".
  • One of her biggest controversy is her semi-beef with Madonna, the queen of pop. Madonna said she was reductive, Gaga called back after Madonna by saying she does not want her throne. Both came in peace at the MET Gala 2015 whereas she, Madonna and popstar Katy Perry pictured each other.
  • The mother of Lina Morgana, one of her friends who made the song "Wunderland" said she copied Lina's style. It is unknown if it was debunked.
  • Lady Gaga once again strikes back whereas she released her music video "Alejandro" and was criticized by the Catholic League for swallowing the beads of a rosary, Nazi imagery and dressing up as a nun. Popstar Katy Perry was against the blasphemy in her video for "Alejandro"
  • Lady Gaga was banned by the Catholic League in the Philippines for blasphemy.
  • Lady Gaga was banned also in China when she was backlashed for meeting spiritual man Dalai Lama.

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