These songs were written by Gaga with other writers (if noted).



Lina Morgana, 2006-7Edit

Written when she was a songwriter for Rob Fusari in 2006-2007.

Lelia Broussard, 2006-7Edit

Esmée Denters, 2008Edit

Outtake from her debut album, Outta Here.

Tami Chynn, 2008Edit

Due to conflict between Chynn and her record label, she cancelled the album (Prima Donna), and the songs remain unreleased. All songs written by Akon, RedOne, Claude Kelly, and Tami Chynn.

Pussycat Dolls, 2008Edit

Demos written with DarkChild, names of the other tracks are unknown for the "Doll Domination" album.

Mario, 2008Edit

Outtake from his album, D.N.A..

Jim Jonsin recordings, 2008Edit

These song were written for no artists in particular.

Britney Spears, 2008Edit

A demo of "Telephone" (unreleased, written with DarkChild, 2008) was made by Britney Spears but the song was shelved. Rumor indicated that the song was intented for The Singles Collection. The plan was scrapped when Lady Gaga's version of "Telephone" was released on The Fame Monster, featuring Beyoncé.

Valeria, 2008Edit

  • "Do Me Right" (outtake from the album, written with Valeria Andrews and Thomas J. Henriksen, 2009)

Heidi Montag, 2008Edit

Unused demo given to Montag, who decided not to realease it on her album, Superficial. Gaga then released it in 2009.

The JAM's recordings, 2008Edit

Written for a female R&B singer.

CJ HollandEdit

Cher, 2011Edit

New version for the upcoming album by Cher.

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