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The Doll Domination Tour (also known as the World Domination Tour) is the second concert tour by the Pussycat Dolls to support their second studio album Doll Domination. The tour visited X countries in Europe and performed in X cities in Australia. The first show with Gaga began on January 18 and her last show was on May 30, 2009.

This is also Lady Gaga second concert tour as opening act for two of the four legs of the tour. Her performance included DJ Space Cowboy playing and remixing live along with her three male dancers Michael Silas, Asiel Hardison and Ian McKenzie. The tour was announced in November of 2008.

Doll Domination
One of the poster used to promote the tour.



This serie of concerts were a continuation of the previous tour with the New Kids on the Block musically and in term of style. One of the new inclusion to the tour was a mixed-media cityscape stage backdrop. The Haus asked Ray Woodubyr of RK Diversified to help design the stage which combined a variety of stage effects and various textile. Ray Woodbury picked Sew What? Inc. to fabricate the elaborate the backdrop.


The stage design featured an urban scene complete with images of high rise buildings, sparkling city lights, smoke stacks that emited real smoke, illuminated billboards and video projection. The lower graphic area was direct printed onto Airtex. The cut drop was created by inserting areas of tiger mesh. Hidden smoke lines added live exhaust to the city skyline and a front projection screen build into the graphic brought the printed billboard to life. Over 200 LED lights were hardwired to illuminate "The Fame Machine" sign.The finishing touch being a cut drop treatment revealing a dramatic Atomic Red velvet drape positioned upstage with dramatic lighting.

The same "City" was used on the official website ( which was designed by web firm Deep Fried Productions. Visitor had to move through the city in order to reach the different section of the website.

The "City" backdrops was used on all shows including the Oceania dates even if the setlist and outfits were the one used for The Fame Ball.

Fame Machine-Stage
The first image is a screenshot of the website layout and the second image is the recreation of that 'City' for the stage design.

Crevettes FilmsEdit

On December 30 of 2008, the Haus shot the Andy Warhol inspired "Crevettes Films" directed by Lady Starlight. Three new interludes came out of this collaboration called respectivly The Heart, The Brain, The Face. These short films continued the storyline of Pop started with the Pop Ate My Heart interlude from the previous tour.

12-31-08 Gabe Zapata 021
December 31, 2008 in New York City.

The reworked storyline feature Candy Warhol with a mysterious male figure recalling the event that happened to her both in a very robotic monotone. Pop culture is metaphorically called a "beautiful monster" in need of a new face and as a result, found Candy Warhol. Pop then ate her heart and brain which left her to live for The Fame. Learn more


Support actEdit

Ne-Yo was featured as a support act in January of 2009 except on the 18th and the 25th.


Dates Location City Globe-green
European Leg
Jan 18 Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre Aberdeen Gb
Jan 19 Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre Glasgow
Jan 21 Metro Radio Arena Newcastle
Jan 22 National Indoor Arena Birmingham
Jan 24 Trent FM Arena Nottingham Nottingham
Jan 25 Bournemouth International Centre Bournemouth
Jan 27 The O2 Arena London
Jan 28
Jan 29 Manchester Evening News Arena Manchester
Jan 30 Cardiff International Arena Cardiff
Feb 1 The O2 Dublin Ie
Feb 3 King's Hall Exhibition and Conference Centre Belfast Gb
Feb 5 Sheffield Arena Sheffield
Feb 6 Liverpool Echo Arena Liverpool
Feb 8 Le Zénith Paris Fr
Feb 9 Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam Nl
Feb 10 Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt Frankfurt De
Feb 12 Hallenstadion Zürich Ch
Feb 13 Forest National Brussels Be
Feb 14 Zenith Munich De
Feb 15 Rockhal Esch-sur-Alzette Lu
Feb 17 Grimaldi Forum Monte Carlo Mc
Feb 19 Max-Schmeling-Halle Berlin De
Oceania Leg
May 16 Vector Arena Auckland Nz
May 19 Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane, QLD Au
May 21 Newcastle Entertainment Centre Newcastle, NSW
May 22 Acer Arena Sydney, NSW
May 23
May 26 Rod Laver Arena Melbourne, VIC
May 27
May 28 Adelaide Entertainment Centre Adelaide , SA
May 30 Burswood Dome Perth, WA

Total: 32 with 23 shows in Europe, 9 in Oceania.


Lady Gaga used three differents set list during the tour. The first version was a 20 to 25 minutes set and the second was a 35 minutes performance while the third version was a short selection of songs from The Fame Ball Tour before the start of the worldwide summer leg.

Dates Length Material performed
January 18 to January 30, 2009 25 minutes 6.5 songs, 4 interludes
February 1 to February 19, 2009 35 minutes 8 songs, 5 interludes
May 16 to May 30, 2009 7 songs, 3 interludes

For the summary with this setlist, see this page.

No. Title Length
   1 The Heart (Video introduction) 2:40
   2 "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" 2:00
   3 Pop Ate My Heart (Video interlude) 0:50
   4 "Money Honey" 2:00
   5 "LoveGame" 2:00
   6 The Brain (video interlude) 1:20
   7 "Poker Face" (With acappella / beat box intro) 2:40
   8 "Paparazzi" 2:55
   9 The Face (Video interlude) 1:35
  10 "Just Dance" 5:30
Total: 25 minutes with 6.5 songs and 4 interludes.

For the summary with this setlist, see this page.
  1. The Heart
  2. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"
  3. Pop Ate My Heart
  4. "Money Honey"
  5. "LoveGame"
  6. Phantom of the Opera (Space Cowboy Remix)
  7. "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)"
  8. The Brain
  9. "Paparazzi"
  10. "Poker Face"
  11. The Face
  12. "Just Dance"
Lenght: 35 minutes.

For the summary with this setlist, see The Fame Ball Tour
    Name Time
     1 The Heart (Video introduction) 2:40
     2 "Paparazzi" 4:30
     3 "LoveGame" 3:20
     4 "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" 2:25
     5 The Brain (Video interlude) 1:20
     6 "The Fame" 3:45
     7 The Face (Video interlude) 1:35
     8 "Just Dance" 5:10
     9 "Poker Face" (Acoustic) 3:55
    10 "Poker Face" 3:40
    Total: 7 songs — 35 minutes


Title Name
Creative director Matthew Williams (Haus of Gaga)
Choreographer Laurieann Gibson (Haus of Gaga)
Costume design Haus of Gaga
Stage designer RK Diversified
Stage production Sew What? Inc
Concert video design RK Diversified with Haus of Gaga
DJ, live mixer Space Cowboy
Dancers Michael Silas, Ian McKenzie, Asiel Hardison
Management Troy Carter
Crevettes Films crew
Director Jamal Hill
Camera Bruce F. Cole
Creative director, script Lady Starlight, Lady Gaga
Makeup artist Sharon "Mama makeup" Gault
Photographer Gabe Zapata
Camera Bruce Cole
Candy Warhol Lady Gaga
Unnamed man Jack Ketchum

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