The show opened with The Heart which led to the Introduction video. Beautiful, Dirty Rich followed by the second interlude Pop Ate My Heart. Followed by the first performance live of Money Honey. LoveGame. The 35 minutes included the Phantom interlude with a performance of Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) with Gaga playing synt while Michael Silas hold the keyboard with his feets. Usually Gaga took a break to chat with the audience.


Act IEdit

The Heart (Introduction)Edit

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The concert was performed as a continuous DJ set by Space Cowboy with no pause between the songs. As support act, Gaga had to make a set list for 25 minutes and later a 35 minutes show. Depending on the time limit, more or less interludes were inserted to give Gaga time to change her outfit. (Include info about when Two or three ouftis change). The show began with a video introduction called "The Heart" where Gaga appears as alter-ego Candy Warhol. She shows the image of a pink heart on her t-shirt.

Recorded Speech
GRAPHIC ON THE SCREEN: Haus of Gaga presents who shot Candy Warhol

Man: Where is it? Where is it, Candy? Candy?

Une Crevette Film - starring

Candy: He ate it.

Lady Gaga in

Man: Yes. I don't believe you.
Candy: Look for yourself... Pop ate my heart.

The Heart

Man: I see.
Candy: He downed the whole thing. In one efficient gulp. Like a beautiful monster then took off into the city.
Man: Oh, Candy...
Candy: And now I just feel ... I feel so...
Man: Empty?
Candy: No. No.
Man: Candy?
Candy: Free. I feel free.

End of the film, beginning of the countdown:

I need m-m-m-more, to feed my pop heart
Give me more!
I want: The future, Gaga, Fashion, T-t-technology, Dance, New York, Music, Pop Culture!
I want The Fame
I can hear you! Can you hear me?
The revolution is coming
And I want
W-w-we want, you deserve. The future
My name is Lady Gaga and this is my Haus!

Gaga: sunglasses by Versace (372DM 900), black hood, one piece, iPod LCD Glasses by Haus of Gaga.

Beautiful, Dirty, RichEdit

Depending on the venue, Lady Gaga also used a light glove during the show.

Explain that she used the skirt from the New Kids.

Depend on her mood, Gaga had a selection of three origami dresses: the original white, a new black latex version and a translucent version. The new black dress had the second set of origami on her right instead of under her left breast. They re-used the gold origamis on this new dress until February 9 where they used translucent crystals. The translucent copy followed the original model but made with latex instead. (Velcro switching crystals color) In term of fashion, Lady Gaga used two types of clothes for the show. The first part of set, she wore the Origami dress in various color (white, black, gold crystals and transparent).

  1. Origami skirt and top with matching crystals by Haus of Gaga
    1. Transparent top, skirt, crystals, shoes by Givenchy — January 17-19, 2009
    2. White top, skirt, crystals, shoes by Christian Louboutin — January 21, 29, February 3, 2009
    3. Black top by Haus of Gaga
      1. With gold crystals, black panties and a black skirt — January 25, February 1, 13, 2009
      2. With translucent crystal and the translucent skirt — February 9, 2009
  2. Sunglasses
    1. Ray-Ban (Wayfarer) — February 6, 2009
    2. Versace (Mod. 372 col. 900) — February 15, 2009
  3. Dancers
    1. X

Pop Ate My Heart (Interlude)Edit

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Money HoneyEdit

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Phantom (Interlude)Edit

Space Cowboy short remix of Phantom of the Opera played on Feb 1-Feb 19 only

Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)Edit

The song was added on February 1 and lasted until the end on February 19, 2009. Usually Gaga took a break to chat with the audience.

The backdrop used part of "The Fame: Part 1". Usually Gaga, played on a synthesizer with Michael Silas holding the keyboard with his feets near the end of the song.

Act II Edit

The Brain (Interlude)Edit

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The FameEdit

Added on February 1 until the end of the leg. Came back onstage with the molded top while doing robots-like movements. Sometimes, Space Cowboy played guitar the song. The backdrop featured running gears with flashing red lights during the chorus. Some scenes have The Brain interlude added behind some 3D mecanic wheels. The molded top which was custom made using Gaga's breast as model. Depending on her mood, Gaga was able to use either her translucent or silver version. On the 2nd section of the show, she wore for the first time the Molded top which was custom made using Gaga's breast as model. For a short period, Lady Gaga used a light glove during the show. (Date?)

  1. Armor set by Optic Nerve Studios for Haus of Gaga, panties by Linda Stokes for Haus of Gaga.
    1. Metal — January 17-19, 24, 26-27, 29-30, February 5-6-8-9-10, 13-14, 19. 22, 2009
    2. Clear — January 21-22, 25, 28, February 1-3, 12, 15-17, 2009


After February 1, performed after Poker Face.

Poker FaceEdit

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Act III Edit

The Face (Interlude)Edit

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Just DanceEdit

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