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Introduction: Consist of an overview of the main events, highlights of these years, all hubs included. The recap will be less than 2 paragraphs.


In about 500 words, a recap of the months during that era such as the memorable events. This part is also known as the "biography" hub or the 20xx hub.  Learn more


Recap of the releases. Learn more


Recap of the releases with a focus on the iconic/well known aspect. Learn more


The performances during The Fame era consisted of two promo concert tours as opening act and her first headliner and world tour with The Fame Ball. This was accompanied by performances on various shows across the world. Learn more


In term of fashion, Gaga style is divided into two phases, "Retro-Sexual" (2008) and a more experimental style (2009). 2008 featured a lot of catsuit and latex outfits along with her Origami Dress. 2009 was defined by the Fame Ball and many of her oufits from this tour in particular like her Mirrored Dress and the Bubble dress. Learn more


Learn more

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