Estadio Nacional de Santiago

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Estadio Nacional de Chile

The Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos is the national stadium of Chile, and is located in the Ñuñoa district of Santiago. It is the largest stadium in Chile with an official capacity of 46,000.

November 20, 2012Edit

Part of The Born This Way Ball Tour.


  • Mother G.O.A.T's prism didn't lit up due to tecnical problems.
Set list
  1. Space (Intro)
  2. "Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)"
  3. Operation: Kill the Bitch (Interlude)
  4. "Government Hooker"
  5. Birth (Interlude)
  6. "Born This Way"
  7. "Black Jesus † Amen Fashion"
  8. Emerging (Interlude)
  9. "Bloody Mary"
  10. Mother G.O.A.T. Manifesto I (Interlude)
  11. "Bad Romance"
  12. G.O.A.T Briefing (Interlude)
  13. "Judas"

    1. "Fashion of His Love"
    2. "Just Dance"
    3. "LoveGame"
    4. "Telephone"

    1. "Hair"
    2. "Electric Chapel"
    3. "Yoü and I"
    4. Mother G.O.A.T. Manifesto II (Interlude)
    5. "Heavy Metal Lover"
    6. "Bad Kids"

    1. Interlude
    2. "Americano"
    3. "Poker Face"
    4. "Alejandro"
    5. "Paparazzi"

    1. "Scheiße"
    2. "The Edge of Glory" (Acoustic + Album)
    3. "Marry the Night"

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