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Fernando Garibay is a producer who has worked with Lady Gaga as well as many other artists. He is represented by Interscope Records as a producer and artist with his own imprint F2 Records/Interscope. He can play the guitar, the keyboard, the drums, and the bass. He is a formally-trained arranger, string and brass sections as well as a programmer.

He has been making records since he was sixteen years of age, and after ten years, he has made five chart-topping records, several on the top ten records for the Billboard Dance category.

Production with Lady Gaga

He worked with Lady Gaga on the following song(s):

Songs from The Fame Monster (2009):

Songs from Born This Way (2011):

Songs currently unreleased:

Songs written for other artists:

Songs for live performances:

[A] ^aAfter working on the remix of "Dance in the Dark" and the interludes, Garibay wrote his Twitter:

Long night of Gaga show edits, and superstar vocal comps with a full moon burning a whole through my window. Howwwlllllllll

—Fernando Garibay


  • From October 16-19, Gaga worked on some songs for Born This Way in Oslo, Norway, and tweeted a picture of her in the studio with Garibay.

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