Joanne Germanotta

Joanne Germanotta (born Joanne Stefani Germanotta on March 12, 1955 and died on December 18, 1974) was Joe Germanotta's sister who died at 19 years old of Lupus. Although Joanne passed away before Gaga's birth, she says she always felt a strong connection to her and that because of that, have two hearts. Gaga described her aunt as an artist. Gaga named her fifth studio album Joanne in memory of her.


For A Moment is poem written by Joanne Germanotta and released on The Fame album booklet. Gaga decided to publish her poem because her late aunt never had the chance of being published during her life.

Yesterday, I took a walk in the rain
The cool refreshing droplets splashed on my cheeks.
I walked,
And walked, And walked,
Not knowing where I was going.
The trees swayed as a chilly spring
Gently caressed their branches.
A cute white rabbit scampered
Across a wide open field.
He stopped in front of me in a
Patch of emerald.
He had a quizzical look on his furry little face.
He wiggled his ears,
Crinkled his nose,
And scratched his whiskers like
An old man.
I started to laugh.
He ran off into the distance
Looking like a pearl in a patch of seaweed.
The cool refreshing droplets splashed
On my cheeks.
I walked,
And walked, And walked,
Not knowing where I was going.
I saw a family of ducks on a lake,
I stopped to look,
Mama Duck first,
And all the little ducklings gliding
Behind her in a single file.
They were dancing to the music
of the rain tapping on water.
And then I was my reflection on
the mirror-like surface of the lake
And for a moment…
I was the only living creature around.
The cool refreshing droplets splashed
On my cheeks. I turned,
And walked, And walked,
Knowing where I was going.

Handwritting and letters on the album Joanne

Since Gaga named the album in memory of Joanne, on the album's back cover and booklet, a handwritting of her name was placed in the tracklist, also Twitter used it as part of a stickers for the album promotion. On the booklet, there are included some personal stuff, like her student card, and letters to his brother (Gaga's father), Joe Germanota.



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