Fox Teathre

The Fox Theatre (often marketed as the Fabulous Fox) in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the grand movie palaces built in the United States in the 1920s.

December 28-29, 2009Edit

This is part of the first version of the The Monster Ball Tour.

Additional notes:
  • The song "Fashion" was not performed.
  • On December 29th, a flower bouquet hit Gaga during "Poker Face".
Set list:
 1.  Jumping Film (Intro)
 2.  Dance in the Dark
 3.  Just Dance
 4.  Puke Film (Desert)
 5.  LoveGame
 6.  Alejandro
 7.  Raven Film (Forest)
 8.  Monster
 9.  So Happy I Could Die
10. Teeth
11. Speechless
12. Poker Face (Acoustic Version)
13. Tank Girl Film (Egypt)
14. The Fame
15. Money Honey
16. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
17. Antler Film (City)
18. Boys Boys Boys
19. Paper Gangsta
20. Poker Face
21. Little Monster Film
22. Paparazzi
23. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Encore)
24. Bad Romance (Encore)
25. Tattoo Film (Opera - Outro)

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