GaGaism is a conceptual art exhibition about Lady Gaga by Igor Jurilj. It will be in Rockmark, Berislaviceva 13, Zagreb, Croatia from November, 4 to December, 15 of 2010. Igor Jurilj explains, “the evenet is located in a so called Chamber, surrounded by a pointilized, black and white portait of Gaga, which emphasizes the fact that she is an inevitable and omnipresent media persona, also stigmatized by a red cross, a symbol of religion that implies Gaga, or in fact GaGaism as the newly introduced religion.

GaGaism (which is suggested as a new tendency in art) resembles the pop-art movement of the second half of the 20th century, personified in the artist Andy Warhol. Indeed, Lady Gaga may be regarded as Warhol’s most prominent contemporary heir, as she herself is a pop-artist, neo-avantgarde popular entity. However, GaGaism differs from pop art in terms of both content and contemporaneity”.

Talking about putting together a lifesize magnetic puzzle of an image of Lady Gaga in the metal dress as seen in the end of the music video for Paparazzi. Jurilj say, "“In this way the visitor, as a fully entitled participant in Lady Gaga’s art, in the end becomes the literal, as well as the metaphorical creator of her public identity”.

Finally, after going through all stages of the exhibition, in a way illustrated by the background music, the visitors are served with G and A shaped cookies and crackers on big trays spelling out the word G-A-G-A… which finally rounds up the whole experience of consuming and finally digesting Gaga – a hollistic, full experience in which we have satisfied our basic senses: sight, hearing, touch and taste.



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