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About üs

Gagapedia is the first & largest Lady Gaga wiki, founded on February 15, 2009. Our goal is to provide a free online encyclopedia on everything Gaga. Topics covered include albums, songs, performances, tours, fashion, interviews, controversies and more.

More than three years after it was established, Gagapedia has reached a size of 4,738 articles, and has 16 active users right now.


"Happy Easter Twitterland. JUDAS is about forgiveness+perseverance through struggle. Persevere today! I'm with the Easter Bunny, he says hi." 1:30 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"Thanku @brady_gaga: @ladygaga performance last night was absolutely flawless. I feel liberated,thanku 4 lovin ure fans as much as we love u!" 8:04 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"I will do anything for my fans! Having fun with the stage crew guys, screwing on the runway. A Real Iron Maiden!" 3:45 AM via Twitter for iPad
4-24-12 02
"Shhh Monsters...don't tell...lots of surprises in store...maybe later I'll just hide in the bathroom + leak everything" 8:47 PM via Twitter for iPad

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