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Gagapedia is the first & largest Lady Gaga wiki, founded on February 15, 2009. Our goal is to provide a free online encyclopedia on everything Gaga. Topics covered include albums, songs, performances, tours, fashion, interviews, controversies and more.

More than three years after it was established, Gagapedia has reached a size of 4,780 articles, and has 20 active users right now.


"in studio in finland...composing for haus fashion videos..can't wait for the show!" 2:57 AM via web
"I push harder, dance longer, bleed stronger. I don't want the greatest KISS tribute band of all time, I want the real band. I want KISS." 2:17 PM via OpenBeak
"Omg! Latey Gaga again. I can't believe I have 12 million followers! Let's trend #12MillionMonsters! Can't wait to perform on TV twice 2nite!" 11:02 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"Sending some yummies to Chateau Monster tummies! I think if Ethan Hawke hears Edge of Glory one more time I might be the next to die here." 4:23 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®
"My SYTYCD performance on @ 8/7c on FOX + my @jimmykimmel performance airs at 12/11c on ABC. Both tonight baby. I Hooker for Pop + I luv it!" 4:54 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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