Welcome to the Gagapedia guide to venue! The Gagapedia list concerts by year, once you click on a venue name, you'll have access to the history of Lady Gaga for this venue through the time. If she performed before, the set list and date would be available.
Note: Festival have their own page (unless the event take place inside a venue).

Venue PagesEdit

Each venue page starts with a short description of the place (country, size) often taken from Wikipedia. Each year with a concert should have a "heading". For example "Bell Center" have 2009 and 2010. If Gaga performed two night in a row or even with a break between the two, the concert will be under that same title, ex "2009, e November 13-15". Under the concert section you can add information about opening bands, various informations Gaga said during the night. Anything reveleant to the show.

Set ListEdit

The Gagapedia have various set list already written for you to use. If your concert is different from the model, you'll have to write it all without the use of a template (model). Common rule is to put "interlude/film/break" in bold and to leave the song with no special formatation to do.


Click on the template page to see if the set list is the one you want.


  • TBA

New Kids on The Block:Live

Doll Domination

The Fame Ball

The Monster Ball

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