You want to make the Gagapedia in French, Spanish, German, etc. ? Anyone can participate, no age restriction, we only want your time, effort and love for Gaga.

How toEdit

You have to click the buttom (top of the page) "Create a new wiki". You now should be at ""

  • Name: Lady Gaga or the name you want to use
  • Web address : (you can change but it's a good idea to stay the same)
  • Category: Music
  • Language: pick your language from the list


The "insert your language" wiki about Gaga exist already!

You have to check the current owner if the wiki is active then you can take over the website.

I don't really get the whole system to write text and such. What to do?

Please check all the F.A.Q. available on

I need help!!

You can contact us here: one of two admins can help you!

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