The Germanotta/Bissett are Stefani's family.



The Germanotta Family (2010)

Germanotta Pics (3)

The last name Germanotta originated in southern Italy. The ancestors of Gaga moved to the United States. The name comes from Italy meaning 'a little-bit noisy' or 'a glimmer of brotherly/sisterly fellowship'.

Germanotta Family

Joe, Cynthia, Stefani and Natali Germanotta

Angelina "Angie" Calderone Germanotta (1930)
Joseph "Joe" Anthony (1922—2010)
Cynthia (1954)
Joseph "Joe" (1957)
Joanne (1955—1974)
Stefani (1986)
Natali (1992)



The Bissett Family

  • Maternal Great-Grandparents: Vincenzo "James/Jim" Ferri (1881 - 1967) - Ferri changed to Ferrie; Filomena "Minnie" Campagna Isopo Ferrie (1887 - 1940) - Campagna changed to Campana; George Lindsey Bissett (1885 - 1943) and Sarah Ann "Sally" Leach Bissett (1885 - 1963)
  • Vincenzo Ferri and Filomena Campagna both immigrated to the United States from Brocco (now Broccostella), Caserta (now Frosinone), Lazio, Italy. Vincenzo arrived in the USA in 1905, and Filomena arrived in the USA in 1913.

Veronica Rose "Ronnie" Ferrie Bissett (1928)
Paul Douglas Bissett (1926-2013)
Joseph "Joe" (1957)
Cynthia (1954)
Sheri Bissett Cates
Steve Cates
Paul "Doug" Bissett, Jr
Carole Nessif
Stefani (1986)
Natali (1992)
Laura Mull (Bissett)
Jenny Snyder (Bissett)

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