Lady Gaga
Writer(s) Lady Gaga
Rob Fusari
Producer(s) Rob Fusari
Length 3:19

"Go, Go, Go" is a song written by Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari (Team Love Child). The title is registered as "Go, Go, Go" on ASCAP and without any comas on BMI. The line, "Go, Go, Go" can be heard in, "Retro Physical." The song serves as a concept demo for "When She Go".


She's got that kind of fashion
Chemical attraction
Rubber red lips and her eyes real low
You're gonna miss her when she go

Go, go Shakin' our hips in our mother's clothes
You're gonna miss her when she go

Go, go It's just a question of the girl's perfection
Now watch her as she go



  • Stefani Germanotta P/K/A Lady Gaga (BMI) Sony/ATV Songs, LLC/ House of Gaga Publishing, LLC / GloJoe Music Inc. (BMI)
  • June Bug Alley (ASCAP)


Producer: Rob Fusari (2006—2007)  · Songs included on The Fame