Graham Breitenstein

Graham Breitenstein (born September 13, 1988) is a Louisville-born dancer, artist and model. Graham started off in August of '05, moving to LA with only 1 professional dance class experience under his belt. He proceeded to take a dance class with one of MC Hammer's old dancers, Kennis Marquis, who eventually gave Graham private dance lessons for 6 months.

Breitenstein's first encounter with Lady Gaga was back in December of 2008 where he did The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He has since danced with her on multiple occasions: January 2009 for the "LoveGame" music video, May 2009 for Dancing with the Stars, and another time on January 2010 for the 53rd Grammy Award Ceremony. Graham has also been touring with Gaga on stage across the world from November 2009 to the end of the Monster Ball Tour.

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