The Haus (intro) is the second introduction video used by Lady GaGa during her live performance. This interlude had only audio at the beginning around May of 2008 and a couple of weeks later, the video was shown along the audio. The Haus Introduction was used on every performance until The Monster Ball Tour in 2009.


The introduction used a sample of "Devastated" by Space Cowboy with spoken vocals by Lady GaGa. The song was released on his album Digital Rock Star in 2009.


Usually before the Haus Introduction, a countdown is shown with various videos used including The Fame: Part One and the behind the scene of one of the photo shoot for the album. This video was shown after The Heart.


The first version had only GaGa wearing a black hood paired with her commonly worn Versace Mod. 465/A col. 915 sunglasses. The second version had various scene cut between the old video and was used during The Fame Ball Tour.


I need m-m-m-more, to feed my pop heart
Give me more!
I want: The future, GaGa, Fashion, T-t-technology, Dance, New York, Music, Pop Culture!
I want The Fame
I can hear you! Can you hear me?
The revolution is coming
And I want
W-w-we want, you deserve. The future
My name is Lady GaGa and this is my Haus!



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