On June 14, the official website was launched which included a gallery of photographs from the "Haus Laboratories", including shot of the flowers used in the fragrance and at SGD factory in Mers-les-Bains in France where the bottle is made.

On July 18th, Gaga released a two minute promotional film on Hauslaboratories Youtube account called "Formulation". The photographs previously used on the website were revealed to be stills from the film. On July 26, "The Source" was released as the second promotional video. For the two films, a narrator in French explains either the formulation or the source, subtitle are provided in both. The narrator used "The Haus Laboratories in Paris", "Fame" in English rather than a translation in French of these names.

On August 22, 2012, Sephora France uploaded a short teaser including the making of the bootle with unseen footage. The video did not have the filter on the footage and also had a fast beat unlike the previous two films.

Late in September of 2012, the website was officially launched in 6 languages with content including the origin of the fragrance, its ingredients, a presentation of the collection, related media such as photos and videos and the lastest news.






"The Source"


The Source

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