The Collection

The perfume is released in a "eau de parfum" (EDP) concentration with natural spray.
  1. Le Masterpiece (100ml) — Largest bottle with a cap made of metal.
  2. Regular (50ml)
  3. Small (30ml)
  4. Extra Small (15ml) — At Target or or boots when bought 50ml or 100ml bottles 
  5. Minieture (7ml) — Exclusive to France.
  6. Roller Ball (10ml)
  7. Special Black Cap Edition — Released March 2014
  8. Black Soap (142g)
  9. Black Shower Gel (200ml)
  10. Black Body Lotion (200ml) — Released in November, 2012.
  11. Regular (50ml) — Special Edition with black lid.

Box and gift sets

  1. Small EDP (30ml, Sunglasses)
  2. Small EDP (30ml, Sunglasses) – Re-release
  3. Small EDP (30ml, 75ml Shower Gel)
  4. Small EDP (30ml, 200ml Shower Gel)
  5. Small EDP (30ml, 200ml Shower Gel) – Re-release
  6. Small EDP (30ml, 10ml Roller Ball, 1 Ephemeral Tattoo)
  7. Small EDP (30ml, 75ml Shower Gel, False Eyelashes)
  8. Regular EDP (50ml, 75ml Shower Gel, False Eyelashes
  9. Regular EDP (50ml, 200ml Shower Gel)
  10. Regular EDP (50ml, 200ml Shower Gel) – Re-release
  11. Regular EDP (50ml, 75ml Shower Gel, 75ml Body Lotion)
  12. Regular EDP (50ml, Soap)
  13. Regular EDP (50ml, Roller Ball, 1 Ephemeral Tattoo) – Holiday Gift Set
  14. Regular EDP (50ml, Roller Ball, Soap)
  15. Le Masterpiece EDP (100ml, 200ml Body Lotion)
  16. Le Masterpiece EDP (100ml, 200ml Body Lotion, Roller Ball)
  17. Le Masterpiece EDP (100ml, 200ml Shower Gel, Roller Ball, 1 Ephemeral Tattoo)
  18. Le Masterpiece EDP (100ml, 30ml, 20 Fake Nails) Gift Bag
  19. Le Masterpiece EDP (100ml, 200ml Shower Gel, 200ml Body Lotion, Soap, Two 1.2ml Sample vials, Vanity case [inc. "Lady Gaga" and "Fame" written in gold inside the lid, and a mirror) – Box Set
  20. Gift Box (Free with purchase of any two or more items from the Fame collection
  21. Small EDP (30ml, 75ml Shower Gel)

Special Gifts

  1. 20 Fake Nails: Contains two sets of ten nails, one set being black with a gold trim on the tip and the other in black adorned with gold studs.
    1. Seen in Japan, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, France, Australia, United States
  2. 14 Ephemeral Tattoos:  Contains two sheets of A5 paper and conatin multiple black tattoo designs.
    1. Seen in Russia, Germany
  3. False Eye Lashes
    1. Seen in Australia
  4. Eyewear/Sungless: With a filter of category 4 (Australia), category 3 (Russia, Japan). The Australian release of the sungless comes in a unique black box with the "Lady Gaga Fame" signature gold logo on the front.
    1. Seen in Russia, Japan, Australia
  5. Black Veil
  6. Visual Double‐sided poster: Dimensions: 840mm x 594mm
    1. Seen in Australia
  7. Show Bag: Contains the 100ml EDP, 10ml roller ball, sunglasses, and visual double-sided poster, only available in limited quantities in-store at Myer department stores in Australia.
  8. Sample Vial: Contains a 1.2ml EDP spray sample of Fame, housed in a unique card.

General, one item out of the promotional items were given for free to the first 200 customers of Fame product(s). Depending on the store and country, some stores gave multiple items, and are still giving away promotional pieces today.

  • Customers at Ile de Beauté ( in Russia received the tattoos as gift with every purchase and receive a pair of sunglasses if they buy for more than 1,950 rubles.
  • sent to people who pre-ordered Fame the veil, nails and tattoos.

Release schedule & stores

Region Date Store(s)
Japan August 1, 2012 Kawabe
Puerto Rico August 19, 2012
United States August 22, 2012
United Kingdom Boots, Super Drug, The Perfume Shop, The Fragrance Shop
Romania August 28, 2012 Sephora
Sweden August 29, 2012 Ahlens, NK, Eleven, Nelly, Shopping4net, Kicks
Germany September 1, 2012 Douglas, Pieper, Mueller
Canada Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmaprix, The Bay, Sears, Sephoa, Jean Coutu, London Drugs
France Sephore
Italy Sephora
The Neterhlands
Czech Republic Sephora
Spain Sephora
Australia September 3, 2012 50ml edition only
Turkey September 17, 2012
Australia (full range)
Austria Bipa, Marionnaud, Kastner
Estonia October 1, 2012
Hong Kong Lane Crawford, Lab Concept
Russia Etoya
South Africa
Buenos Aires October 2, 2012 Juleriaque
Thailand October 4, 2012 Sim Paragon, Emporium, Central, Robinson
Singapore October 5, 2012
Beligum October 8, 2012
India October 9, 2012 Shoppers Stop
Latvia October 10, 2012
Philippines October 15, 2012
Malta October 27, 2012
Croatia November 1, 2012
Indonesia Metro Dept. Store
Tunisia Sante Beaute, Fatales
New Zealand
Kuwait November 15, 2012
Saudi Arabia
Korea November 29, 2012
Israel January 1, 2013

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