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The band is a part of the Haus of Gaga.

Band lineupsEdit

The Fame eraEdit

  • DJs
    • DJ VH1 (Brendan Sullivan)
    • Space Cowboy (March 11, 2008 to April 23, 2009)
    • DJ Nicodemus (Nicolas Constantine, May 1-June 19)
  • From Glastonbury June 26 2009
    • Guitar - Nicolas Constantine
    • Bass - Tom Kafafian
    • Drums - Andreas Brobjer
    • Keyboards - Brian London

The Fame Monster eraEdit

Monster Ball: TheaterEdit

  • Guitar – Adam Smirnoff
  • Drums – Charles Haynes
  • Keyboards – Pete Kuzma
  • Keytar – Lady Gaga ("Just Dance")
  • Keyboards/Bass – Mitch Cohn (after the concert in Boston in December, 2009)

Monster Ball: ArenaEdit

  • Keyboards – Brockett Parsons
  • Electric Violin – Judy Mickey Kang
  • Drums – George "Spanky" McCurdy
  • Bass – Lanar “Kern” Brantley
  • Guitars – Ricky Tillo, Kareem "Jesus" Devlin Byrne
  • Harp – Rashida Jolley
  • Backing Vocals – Posh! The Prince (Tambourine, until 2011), Charity Davis (until July 2010), Ameera Perkins (until July 2010), Lenesha Randolph (Until May 17, 2010), Taneka Samone Duggan (since May 2010-2011), Chevonne Ianuzzi (since August 2010-2011), Jasmine Morrow (since August 2010-2011)

Born This Way eraEdit

Promo tourEdit

The Born This Way Ball TourEdit

2016 - present Edit

Occasionnal playersEdit

Rick Marty known as Mad Dog (Guitar)

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