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Joanne Album Cover
Lady Gaga (feat. Florence Welch)
Writer(s) Lady Gaga, Florence Welch
Producer(s) TBA
Co-producer(s) Lady Gaga
Length TBA

Joanne track listing

"Hey Girl" is a song written by Lady Gaga and Florence Welch, of Florence + the Machine, for the studio album Joanne. Gaga performed a small snippet of the song October 5, 2016 during her interview with 102.7 KIIS FM. The track is the only collaboration on the album.


During an interview with BBC1 Radio, Gaga spoke about the collaboration on the album, "There's a feature on the album that I think you will be very excited about. Me and Florence Welch did a duet together. I started to work on an idea for a song that I really wanted to do with a girl. You’ll see why when you see what the song is about." She continued, "I just thought, ‘Who do I want to sing with?’ She’s really to me if not the best, one of the greatest vocalists in the world. She’s incredible."


Hey girl, can you hear me?
Are you holding out your heart
Hey girl, do you feel me?
Sometimes I go too far
Hey girl, it ain't easy
I know it's pulling me apart
Hey girl, don't you leave me
Hey girl, don't you leave me

Hey girl, hey girl
We can make it easy
If we lift each other
We don't need to keep on
one and uppin' 'nother

It wasn’t that long ago we were living in the jungle
so why do we gotta put each other down
when there’s more than....

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