Joji Kojima (born Joji Rupert Kojima in 1987 in California, U.S.A.) started learning to make accessories by himself at the age of 15 or so, and majored in graphic design, photography and typography in Tama Art University, Tokyo. Prior to launching his label he honed his talents assisting the couture brand, Yoshiko Creation Paris. Later Kojima launched his own custom brand Hotel Gluttony and produced his chain mail mask worn by Lady Gaga in 2009. For his Fall/Winter 2011 Collection, Hotel Gluttony became "Joji Kojima". He is also a friend of Noritaka Tatehana.

"Hotel Gluttony": 2010 CollectionEdit

  1. "Crystal Mask"
  2. "Veil" made of resin, brass and leather

"Midnight Dance": 2010 CollectionEdit

  1. "Teardrop" made of brass with leather straps


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