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Instagram is a free photo-sharing program and social network that was launched in October 2010.


Gaga joined Instagram in June of 2012. She posted her first photos on June 20, 2012. When asked about her lack of profile picture, Gaga explained to fans that she thinks the website is difficult to use. The photographs uploaded are mostly taken from her iPad. She registered as "ladygaga1978" as "ladygaga" was already taken, but then claimed the name "ladygaga". The 1978 refers to Larry Flynt's Hustler magazine cover published in June of 1978. The cover inspired the "Poker Face" performance on the Born This Way Ball.

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1.000.000 June 8, 2013
2.000.000 October 8, 2013
3.000.000 February 5, 2014
4.000.000 July 21, 2014
13.000.000 Unknown
16.000.000 Unknown